Weird mAlice is a green and black box chassis shaped robot armed with a flipping arm. Originally called Weird Alice and armed with a pneumatic spike, Weird mAlice is the successor and the more successful. Weird mAlice was very successful in Diotoir's Wacky Rumbles and became the first Series Champion.

Robot History Edit

Series 1Edit

Tough as nails and eric oota

Tough As Nails is flipped out, follwed by Eric while The Great Pumpkin remains overturned

In its first appearance it fought Tough As Nails, The Great Pumpkin and Eric. Weird mAlice chucks Eric over making it roll. Tough As Nails then grasps onto Weird mAlice holding it tight, however Eric frees Weird mAlice flipping it out of the claws of Tough As Nails. Weird mAlice then flipped Eric over again, this time allowing for Tough As Nails to grab hold, meanwhile The Great Pumpkin is flipped over by Weird mAlice. Weird mAlice presses the Pit release. Weird mAlice returns and flips Tough As Nails out of the arena, soon followed by Eric.

Raging scotsman vs weirdmalice

Raging Scotsman is flipped out

In the first head to head it fought Raging Scotsman. Raging Scotsman rammed Weird mAlice and shunted it into the arena side wall. Weird mAlice manages to get back to form, where it gets underneath Raging Scotsman and flips it out of the arena within 13 seconds of the match starting.

Hypnodisc vs weirdmalice

Hypno-Disc is flipped out

The second head to head Weird mAlice fought Hypno-Disc. Weird mAlice flips Hypno-Disc but is hit by the flywheel which sends it spinning away. Weird mAlice flips Hypno-Disc again but ends up flipping itself over by accident. Hypno-Disc take advantage and smashes into the overturned Weird mAlice. Weird mAlice struggles to self right but manages to do so and flips Hypno-Disc over and drives into the pit release as Hypno-Disc self rights. Hypno-Disc bashes into Weird mAlice who in turn flips Hypno-Disc over again. Weird mAlice continues to flip Hypno-Disc over and over again with little success in giving the final blow, however it managed to get the overturned Hypno-Disc by the side wall, ready to flip it out of the arena, which it eventually did.

Greatpumpkin vs weirdmalice

Both Robots in the pit

In the final head to head and with a secure Heat Final placement, Weird mAlice fought The Great Pumpkin again. Weird mAlice charges at The Great Pumpkin and manages to flip it but not over. Weird mAlice attempts to flip The Great Pumpkin again but fails to do so a couple of times, this then causes both machines to circle one another, neither getting anywhere. Once more Weird mAlice tries to flip The Great Pumpkin but fails to do so and ends up flipping itself over, it then struggles to self right with The Great Pumpkin taking advantage. The Great Pumpkin rams Weird mAlice as it presses the pit release. Weird mAlice once again mistimes its flip which once again The Great Pumpkin takes advantage of and pushes Weird mAlice into the pit.

Weirdmalice vs hypnodisc

Hypno-Disc falls into the pit

In the Heat Final it fought Hypno-Disc again. As both robots clash, Hypno-Disc is flipped onto its side by Weird mAlice but recovers quickly hitting Weird mAlice as a response. Weird mAlice then flips Hypno-Disc again, this time toppling it over. Weird mAlice tries to flip it back over but fails to do so, twice, Hypno-Disc gets back up on its own accord and smashes into Weird mAlice again only to be flipped. Weird mAlice presses the pit release button and proceeds to flip Hypno-Disc once more. Hypno-Disc was at the edge of the pit, in which Weird mAlice tries to pit it only to almost topple in itself. After another attack, Weird mAlice accidentally flips Hypno-Disc back over. Once again Weird mAlice over flips and gets stuck on the side wall, causing Hypno-Disc to smack into it again and again, even getting underneath the flipperbot at one point. Hypno-Disc hits Weird mAlice some more and almost pits it, but Hypno-Disc accidentally gets its wheels caught over the pit. Weird mAlice smacks into it again but the power of Hypno-Disc's blade sent it flying away as well as sending it into the pit as a result.

In the first round of the Grant Final, Weird mAlice fought wildcard Tsunami and Heat D winner Ripper. Weird mAlice was aggressive from the start attacking Ripper, chucking it over before it eventually self righted. Tsunami then flipped Ripper over, which caused Weird mAlice to attack Tsunami, circling it. Ripper came back in and, alongside Weird mAlice, flipped Tsunami over. Ripper came back and flipped Tsunami over again, only for Weird mAlice to chuck Ripper across the arena, when Ripper got away, Weird mAlice chased it around the arena. Ripper attacked Tsunami, only to be flipped by the insistent Weird mAlice. Weird mAlice was attacked by Ripper who flipping it over but was instantly flipped by Tsunami. Ripper, now pinned by the side wall, gave Weird mAlice a chance to flip it but Tsunami got the last laugh when it chucked Weird mAlice about and then proceeded to flip Ripper out of the arena.

In the first Head to Head, Weird mAlice fought Behemoth.Weird mAlice darted rapidly across the arena, only for Behemoth to flip it over but not completely, Weird mAlice followed up the attack by chucking Behemoth across the arena. Behemoth, eventually got Weird mAlice trapped and flipped it over. Weird mAlice self righted but was flipped some more by Behemoth who almost sent Weird mAlice out. Weird mAlice recovered and got away where it got revenge by sending Behemoth flying around the arena. Weird mAlice got Behemoth into a CPZ where it finally managed to trap Behemoth before chucking behemoth out of the arena.

In the next battle it fought the impressive Big Nipper. Big Nipper's initial charge managed to almost topple Weird mAlice but it got a flip in on Big Nipper who then pushed Weird mAlice across the arena using the claws to crush inbetween the flipper and outer armour. Big Nipper grasp on Weird mAlice was lost when it was flipped a few times but the pushing power was at its maximum as it attempted to pit Weird mAlice only to miss and almost drive into the pit itself. Big Nipper is flipped once again and pushed into the CPZ but manages to dodge the attacks and rams Weird mAlice again, getting underneath and almost toppling it at some points. Weird mAlice came back with an onslaught, flipping Big Nipper over a few times while being attacked every so often. Big Nipper attempted to evacuate but Weird mAlice pursued and flipped Big Nipper more, pinning it to the side wall again. Weird mAlice, however, mistimed a flip causing Big Nipper to push back and almost pitting Weird mAlice. Unfortunately as Big Big Nipper came in for the attack, Weird mAlice mistimed its flip again and fell into the pit.

In the last Head to Head it fought Wildcard Tsunami again. Tsunami was toppled over with Weird mAlice even flipping it. Weird mAlice did, however, chuck Tsunami to the back end of the arena but Tsunami was still in action. The two robots clashed with neither gaining an advantage over the other. Once Weird mAlice backed away it came back and flipped Tsunami before flipping it again chucking Tsunami out.

Now in the Grand Final, Weird mAlice fought Big Nipper once more. Getting the first flip in, Weird mAlice chucked Big Nipper over before slamming in and flipping Big Nipper over and over again. Weird mAlice kept its ground and circled Big Nipper, allowing for easy access for a flip. Weird mAlice then aggressively flips Big Nipper, over and over again relentlessly. Weird mAlice used its flipper to trap Big Nipper, and drove it towards the CPZ, but Big Nipper attempted to attack Weird mAlice with the jaws, only for Weird mAlice to flip Big Nipper over and out, becoming Champions.

Series 2Edit

Now seeded Number 1 and the reigning Champion, Weird mAlice first fought newcomers Banana Split and Mr Nasty, along side veterans Cerberus. Weird mAlice had an easy run, though a clumsy one where it rammed the side wall and was quickly attacked by Mr Nasty. Weird mAlice turned around and chucked Mr Nasty out almost immediately. Weird mAlice turned its attentions to Cerberus and Banana Split who were fighting, Banana Split attacked Weird mAlice with the banana but failed to make an impact. Cerberus is eventually flipped out after a few flips allowing the champions to proceed.

In the first Head to Head, Weird mAlice was against the rambot King B Remix. King b zipped past Weird mAlice with the Champions unable to flip them. Weird mAlice then turned and attacked King B only to misfire the flip, King b too advantage and rammed Weird mAlice to the side wall with such an impact Weird mAlice was chucked out of the arena.

The second head to head was against Banana Split again. Both robots missed eachother on the initial charge, before eventually Banana Split slams itself on Weird mAlice. Weird mAlice chases Banana Split and flips it before getting caught on Banana Split's wheel. Weird mAlice soon starts flipping Banana Split around the arena, before flipping against the side wall where Banana Spit was knocked out.

The final head to head was against Bigger Brother

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
Series 1 Heat B Round 1 Eric

Tough As Nails
The Great Pumpkin

Head to Heads Raging Scotsman Won
Hypno-Disc Won
The Great Pumpkin Lost
Heat Final Hypno-Disc Won
Grand Final Group Battle Tsunami


Head to Heads Behemoth Won
Big Nipper Lost
Tsunami Won
Final Big Nipper Won
Series 2 (Seeded 1) Heat A Group Battle Banana Split

Mr Nasty

Head to Heads King B Remix Lost
Banana Split Won
Bigger Brother Won
Heat Final playoff Bigger Brother

King B Remix

Final King B Remix Won
Grand Final Group


Beast (8)

Storm 2


Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 13
  • Losses: 4