Tanto was a small robot that has only fought in side competitions in Diotoir's Wacky Rumbles. The name Tanto is derived from Japanese tanto blades, which are short and compact like the robot Tanto itself. The real robot is under Team Immersion, however this version is the Team Danby version.

Robot History Edit

Extreme 1Edit

Tanto sumo

Tanto attacks the side of Shunt

Tanto appeared as the ninth Sumo competitor. Tanto tries to attack the side of Shunt only for Shunt to immediately turn around and push Tanto off. Tanto's poor performance caused it to come joint last with X-Terminator.

Series 2Edit

Heat d koth

Sabretooth knocks Tanto on its side unable to move

Tanto didn't appear in the main competition, it did appear in the King of the Hill against Sabretooth, Corkscrew and Plunderbird. Corkscrew was stuck and failed to move allowing for a three way melee, however, Tanto also got stuck which caused only Sabretooth and Plunderbird to fight between themselves. Eventually, Tanto shot up the hill and only to drive right off of it again. As Plunderbird is knock out by the deadly Sabretooth, Tanto struggles to move away from the spike pit that it fell into, to make matters worse Sabretooth winning. Tanto tried to get up the ramp but was unable to due to Plunderbird's immobile body in the way. Sabretooth gained enough points to ensure its win and went after Tanto. The force of Sabretooth's drum chucked Tanto in the air. Tanto did fight back but Sabretooth came back and battered it to the other end of the arena before eventually knocking Tanto sideways, unable to move.

Results Edit

Series Event Opponent(s) Results
Diotoir's Wacky Rumbles Extreme 1 Sumo 0:07 Seconds (Last)
Series 2 King of the Hill Sabretooth



Wins/Losses Edit

Side events such as Sumo and King of the Hill do not count

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