Storm 2 (also styled as Storm II and Storm2) was a robot that competed in every series of Diotoir's Wacky Rumbles.

Robot History Edit

Series 1Edit

Storm 2 vs behemoth vs gabriel

Storm 2 is chucked out by Behemoth

Storm 2's first battle was against Behemoth, 900 and Gabriel. The battle began with Storm 2 getting in from behind and ramming 900 towards the CPZ, followed by Behemoth and Gabriel. Behemoth flips 900 over onto its side and then proceeded to flip Storm 2 over while Gabriel span and hit the underbelly of Storm 2, Behemoth then flipped Storm 2 again and flipped it out of the arena.

Extreme 1Edit

Eruption vs storm 2

Storm 2 is flipped sky high

Storm 2 fought in the Tag Team Terror along side Tornado to form Team Rambot. The team first fought Team Champ consisting of Eruption and Megabyte. The two rambots charged towards different opponents with Tornado attacking Megabyte and Storm 2 shooting straight into Eruption. Eruption manages to get underneath Storm 2 and flips it extremely high in the air, landing back in the arena. Tornado meanwhile shunted Megabyte around the arena but is also slashed by the full body spinner who knocks it over. Storm 2 struggles to self right, reversing into the pit release and fleeing Eruption. Megabyte begins to push Tornado across the arena only to be attacked by Storm 2 who came in from behind and rammed it. Eruption tries to flip Storm 2 but is intercepted by Tornado, Megabyte quickly disposed of during this. Tornado is flipped by Eruption who is attacked by Storm 2 soon afterwards who in turn is chucked out of the arena by Eruption. Tornado and Eruption remained with Eruption getting the upper hand flipping Tornado about, but a fatal error resulted in Eruption flipping Tornado over the pit and driving in itself.

Team animal vs team rambot

Storm 2 is flipped out

The team next fought Team Animal consisting of Foxic and Meggamouse. Storm 2 rams into Meggamouse only for Meggamouse to flip, missing Storm 2 and throwing itself back. Tornado, meanwhile, fought Foxic but is pushed around. Both Foxic and Tornado are eventually flipped by the floor flipper. Storm 2 attempts to attack Meggamouse again but misses it opportunity and slams into the arena wall where Meggamouse flips Storm 2 out. Foxic shunts Tornado around before its partner Meggamouse flips Tornado around the arena before getting rid of Tornado once and for all with an out of the arena.

Team disctruction vs team rambot

Last Rites is knocked out as Team Rambot gangs up on Hypno-Disc

Next the Team fought Team Disc-Truction consisting of Last Rites and Hypno-Disc. Team Rambot performed a pincer movement on Last Rites, slamming Last Rites into its partner, Hypno-Disc. Last Rites is shunted on top of Tornado but soon is pushed off by Storm 2. As Tornado tackled Hypno-Disc, Storm 2 bullied and controlled Last Rites around the arena. Eventually, Storm 2 shunts Last Rites into Hypno-Disc and Tornado, damaging both. Storm 2 slams Last Rites into the side walls as Tornado was battered by Hypno-Disc. Storm 2 gone in behind and slammed Last Rites out of the arena. Now Team Rambot ganged up on Hypno-Disc shoving it around the arena, toppling Hypno-Disc over before eventually both rambots charged at Hypno-Disc and thrown it out of the arena.

Tag team final1

Storm 2 is eliminated

In the final they fought Team Champ again. The final saw Team Rambot and Team Champ face one another as the more impressive robots, whilst also acting as a vengeance battle. All four robots came out with Megabyte targetting Tornado and Eruption separating Storm 2 from the fray and proceeding to get underneath it darting towards the side wall and flipping Storm 2 out. Megabyte's spinner managed to knock Tornado over leaving them vulnerable to an attack. Eruption flipped Tornado over and ten flipped Megabyte over by accident, this allowed Tornado to shunt Eruption towards the side wall pinning them. Eruption gets away and flips Megabyte over again allowing for them to assist in attacking Tornado. The two slammed Tornado about until, Megabyte is caught on the floor flipper causing it to be flipped over again. Eruption, however, secured victory by ramming Tornado into the side wall and flipping them out of the arena.

Series 2Edit

Returning in Series 2 Storm 2 fought Diotoir, Eruption and Cherub. Cherub charges and attacks Storm 2 who in turn was attacking Diotoir by slamming it. Eruption came in from behind and flipped Cherub metres high. Diotoir flips Storm 2 but is rammed about, as this happens Cherub used its forks to attack Eruption only for Eruption to fight back and flip it about the arena. Storm 2 slams Diotoir across the arena and eventually bashes it into the pit release around the same time as Eruption flipping Cherub about before pushing it in the pit, toppling in itself as well.

Storm 2 vs alien destructor

Alien Destructor is pitted

First Storm 2 fought Alien Destructor. Storm 2 as quick as lightning smashes into Alien Destructor crushing it into the side wall, causing the machine to smoke from the heavy damage. Alien Destructor retaliates by pushing Storm 2 back and pinning them against the side wall. Storm 2 shunts Alien Destructor out of the way and charges for the pit release, here they spin around and gain a good area readying for a push against its opponent. Storm 2 pushes Alien Destructor around before pitting it.

Storm 2 vs iron awe

Iron-Awe chucks Storm 2 out

Next they fought Iron-Awe. Storm 2 rampage its way towards Iron-Awe but is flipped over. Storm 2 self rights and charges towards Iron-Awe but is flipped over again. Storm 2 self right again and pushes Iron-Awe into the side wall almost sending them out. Iron-Awe self rights and flips Storm 2 before flipping them again and this time out of the arena.

Diotoir vs storm 2

Diotoir is pitted

Diotoir was Storm 2's final battle. Storm 2 crashes into Diotoir as Diotoir attempted to flip Storm 2 but as a result is toppled as it was shunted into the arena wall. Diotoir self rights but is caught by Storm 2's grasp who rams the side of Diotoir. Storm 2 shunts Diotoir around the arena bashing it about and even helping them self right. Diotoir is eventually pushed into the pit in very quick succession.

Storm 2 vs ironawe

Iron-Awe is pitted

In the Heat final they fought Iron-Awe again. Storm 2 rams Iron-Awe but as a result it is flipped over, causing it to roll over and back onto its wheels. Iron-Awe rams Storm 2 and attempts to flip it out of the arena but fails to do so as Storm 2 is flipped again but survives. Iron-Awe chucks Storm 2 highly and once more fails an OOtA. Storm 2 fights back and rams Iron-Awe about almost toppling it. Storm 2 rams Iron-Awe about but Iron-Awe moves around Storm 2 and throws it upwards again. Iron-Awe rampages through, chucking Storm 2 around the arena and after a minute of flipping Storm 2 about, Storm 2 fought back and rams Iron-Awe against the arena wall. Iron-Awe flips itself and presses the pit release only to be shunted into the CPZ by Storm 2. Storm 2 rams Iron-Awe towards the pit, missing and almost pitting itself. Iron-Awe tries to pit Storm 2 but the speedy rambot circles back around and pushes Iron-Awe into the pit.

Beast vs barberous vs storm 2

Barber-Ous damages the two robots

In the first round of the Grand Final, Storm 2 fought Weird mAlice, Beast and Barber-Ous. he finalists spin towards the centre with the reigning champions flipping Storm 2 up and over only to be flipped over by Beast from behind. Storm 2 rams Beast into the CPZ, while Weird mAlice attempts to flip Barber-Ous but the drum spinner was unaffected. Beast is lifted by Storm 2 who attempts to self right. Storm 2 charges towards Beast but is flipped once again. Weird mAlice charges in and flips Barber-Ous but before it could Beast flips the reigning champions as Storm 2 manages to land back to Earth. As soon as Storm 2 landed, it rams Weird mAlice but the attacks were in vein as Weird mAlice flips Storm 2 and almost chucks it out of the arena. Beast bulldozes Weird mAlice around, while Storm 2 is battered heavily by Barber-Ous. Beast chases Weird mAlice before flipping them from almost half way across the arena and out of the arena. Beast flips Storm 2 but becomes wedged on top of it. Barber-Ous smashes into the two robots causing some heavy damage to the two. For the remainder of the battle the three robots dawdle about, with Barber-Ous being the most damaging and aggressive. Storm 2 attempts to ram Beast about the arena but the rambot is chased by the drum spinner of Barber-Ous. After a long tedious second half of the battle, it went to a judges decision with Beast automatically going through as it defeated the reigning champions while Barber-Ous went through on damage.

Extreme 2Edit

It appeared in the International Championship in a special match against Razer.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 7