Shunt is one of three House Robots from Diotoir's Wacky Rumbles. Shunt has a reputation as the most powerful and reliable House Robots, and was distinguished by his set of bulldozing scoops and ploughs, and a powerful overhead axe. He is the most seen and used House Robot. Shunt drew inspiration from railway shunting engines and bulldozers, hence his name.

Notable Moments Edit

Extreme 1Edit

Shunt first appeared in the Sumo for Diotoir's Wacky Rumbles: Extreme 1. He managed to defeat eight of the competitors but was unable to defeat Alien Destructor and was shoved off by Luzifer.

Shunt appeared along side Matilda in the House Robots Rebellion, here the House Robots were against Nuts and Meggamouse. The two House Robots and competitors chose their victims, Matilda targeted Nuts flipping it across the arena while Shunt was attacked by Meggamouse who flipped it but didn't turn over. Shunt assisted his partner when she was attacked by the competitors, namely Meggamouse. Meggamouse tries to escape from Shunt's clutches but flips itself over allowing for Matilda to attack it. Shunt, meanwhile, went on the prowl for Nuts and began to assault it and slams Nuts to the CPZ. Meggamouse comes to save Nuts and finally flips Shunt over for good this time. Matilda later got pitted causing the House Robots to lose.

Series 2Edit

Like in Extreme 2, Shunt fought in the Sumo. It managed to beat all the competitors except Big Nipper who managed to push it off.