Oll-E is a house robot. It has paintball guns attached on it's "eyes" in which it would shoot. The main weapon is the two paintball guns attached on the eyes of the robot. The paint-balls are meant to ether paint a robot for fun or to render a robot immobile by the force of the paintball hitting the robot. Sadly the paint-balls are not very powerful and rarely damage or immobilize robots. It also take a high level of accuracy to hit the robots which can be difficult as the robots could easily runaway or avoid each shot.

Notable Moments Edit

Extreme 2Edit

Oll-E fought in the House Robot Rebellion in two separate battles. First it was challenged by Last Rites where Oll-E was immediately immobilised on one side before having the second track disabled. It alongside Matilda fought in the redemption against Apex and Storm 2 where like before it lost mobility against the spinning bar of Apex and the ramming power of Storm 2.