Mute was a wedge-shaped robot which competed in the side events in Series 2 and Extreme 2 of Diotoir's Wacky Rumbles. Mute was well known for its powerful front-hinged flipper, which was so powerful that the robot's self-righting attempts often resulted in it landing upside-down again.

Robot History Edit

Series 2Edit

Mute appeared in the King of the Hill.

Extreme 2Edit

Dystopia vs trolley vs mute

Dystopia eliminates itself

Mute appeared in the New Blood against Dystopia and Trolley Rage. The three robots charge towards each other, Mute rams Trolley Rage and flips them over before Dystopia comes from behind and flips them also. Trolley Rage runs and hides in the corner as Mute flips Dystopia over and over again, while Trolley Rage axes the front of Mute only for Dystopia to come from behind and flip Mute. Trolley Rage presses the pit release before backing up and ramming Dystopia into the CPZ. Dystopia is battered underneath by the axe of Trolley Rage, but Mute charges in and flips the two. Dystopia capitalizes on the overturned Trolley Rage throwing them upwards, but Mute charges in from behind and flips Dystopia twice across the arena and almost out, Dystopia self rights but had ended up flipping itself into the pit.

Mute vs jellyfish

Jellyfish is flipped

Next they fought Jellyfish. Jellyfish bashes into Mute, grabbing hold of it. Mute frees itself and fights back, flipping Jellyfish and ramming it against the side wall. Mute flips Jellyfish around the arena, chucking it over and over again and pinning it against the side wall. Mute continued its rampage, flipping Jellyfish about and chucked high in the air where it crashes by the side wall becoming pinned and immobile.

Sewer snake vs mute

Sewer Snake is decimated

In the final it fought Sewer Snake. The two ram each other, with Mute getting underneath and flipping Sewer Snake up and over. After three flips, a wheel comes flying off and lands outside of the arena before more violent flips break off more wheels. Sewer Snake is thrown around the arena, being chucked by Mute from one end of the arena to the other, flipped against the wall, losing the wheels from one half of the robot. Mute continues to chuck Sewer Snake, going through each CPZ, hitting the pit release before tear another wheel off, leaving only one left. Mute flips Sewer Snake near the edge of while almost driving in itself before flipping Sewer Snake some more, knocking off another tire. Sewer Snake loses its last wheel, rendering it useless as Mute continues to bully it by flipping them some more, ramming it around the CPZ before charging one last time flipping Sewer Snake out of the arena, once and for all.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 0