Last Rites is a heavyweight bar spinner from the American team, Hardcore Robotics. It is considered one of the most famous and deadliest machines around, however has never fared well in Diotoir's Wacky Rumbles.

Robot History Edit

Series 1Edit

Noisy cricket vs last rites

Noisy Cricket targeted by Last Rites

Last rites vs cerberus vs tsunami vs noisy cricket

Cerberus is knocked out of the way by Last Rites

Last Rites first fought Noisy Cricket, Cerberus and Tsunami. Both Cerberus and Noisy Cricket started off slowly creeping the centre of the arena, however Tsunami began to attack Cerberus while Last Rites smashed into Noisy Cricket away. Noisy Cricket then rams Last Rites only to get hit again, while Tsunami flipped Cerberus over and soon set its sights on Last Rites. Last Rites turns and hits an upside down Cerberus sending it and itself flying away. Tsunami flips Last Rites over but not out while Noisy Cricket is caught in the cross fire and is hit, sending on its back unable to self right. Both Cerberus and Noisy Cricket are counted out while Last Rites and Tsunami fought one another.

Last rites vs gripper

Last Rites tears off Gripper's wheel

In the first Head to Head, Last Rites fought Gripper. Last Rites got the first hit on Gripper, which sent it toppling about. Lat Rites was getting more hits before eventually being thrown upwards by the force of its own plane, allowing for the spinning bar to smack the pneumatic spike to be torn from the robot. Now weaponless, there was nothing Gripper could do, Last Rites continued to smash into Gripper and at one point sent itself and Gripper flying in the air. After some more hits, Last Rites managed to take off a wheel. Now effectively immobilised, Gripper span on the spot with Last Rites constantly hitting it. Last Rites, with every hits, was send flying across the arena.

Lastrites vs tsunami dropzone

The drop zone hits Last Rites

Last Rites then fought Tsunami again. Last Rites started off strong attacking the front of Tsunami but Tsunami was unaffected and pursued Last Rites. As the two robots danced around each other, they remained on the drop zone markings. Eventually the drop zone released hitting Last Rites who in turn smashed Tsunami onto its side. Last Rites began having mobility problems and Tsunami took advantage and attacks, but is damaged by Last Rite who is gaining points from slashing the sides of Tsunami. The problem riddled Last Rites is flipped by Tsunami, before eventually spazzing around the arena as a result of its powerful blade with Tsunami following just behind it. Last Rites continues to get purchase but flips out everytime. Last Rites evacuates and hits the pit release where it attempts to pit Tsunami, only to be flipped and fail doing so. Tsunami flips itself at one point and is smacked by Last Rites but survive the onslaught. Eventually the two robots fight near the pit with Last Rites getting most hits, this proved to be its downfall as Last Rites hit Tsunami and span into the pits upon impact.

Big nipper vs last rites

Last Rites flies out of the arena

Finally Last Rites fought against Big Nipper. Last Rites got up to speed, but was rammed by Big Nipper who caused Last Rites to fly about. Last Rites became extremely unstable and few about, before eventually flying out of the arena.

Extreme 1Edit

In the Tag Team Terror Last Rites fought alongside Hypno-Disc to form Team Disc-Truction. The team first fought Team Animal consisting of Foxic and Meggamouse. Last Rites made the first move hitting Meggamouse with Foxic charging in and hitting Last Rites. Hypno-Disc smashes into Foxic, only for the flywheel to deflect, Last Rites is then ganged up upon by Foxic and Meggamouse who flip them by the flame pit. Hypno-Disc smashes into Team Animal but is flipped as a result while Last Rite's bar causes the robot bounce and spin wildly. After regaining stability, Last Rites attacks Meggamouse with two powerful swipes but became unstable again, a third hit caused Last Rites to spin spastically and throw itself out of the arena. Hypno-Disc had struggled with Foxic who kept deflecting its attacks and rammed it about. Meggamouse came in from the side and chucked Hypno-Disc over, Team Animal proceeded to shunt Hypno-Disc towards the back of the arena, Meggamouse flipped both Foxic and Hypno-Disc, accidently immobilizing Foxic but managing to flip Hypno-Disc out.

The Team then fought Team Champ, consisting of Eruption and Megabyte. Megabyte turned and attacked the side of Last Rites with Hypno-Disc coming in to slice into Eruption. However as all three spinners were on the floor flipper as it then flipped the three spinners high causing them to bash onto the ground and spin wildly. Eruption took advantage on the upside down Hypno-Disc and proceeded to flip them out. Megabyte was toppled and couldn't self right as Last Rites gained mobility and bashed into Eruption. Eruption fought back and flipped Last Rites over and over again, this caused problems with its stability as its bar hit the ground everytime. Eruption flipped Last Rites into the sidewall but was hit as a result but a second flip managed to take off one of Last Rite's tires. Now crippled, Last Rites was bullied by Eruption who secures victory for Team Champ by chucking Last Rites out.

Team disctruction vs team rambot

Last Rites is knocked out as Team Rambot gangs up on Hypno-Disc

The last battle the Team fought against Team Rambot consisting of Tornado and Storm 2. Team Rambot performed a pincer movement on Last Rites, slamming Last Rites into its partner, Hypno-Disc. Last Rites is shunted on top of Tornado but soon is pushed off by Storm 2. As Tornado tackled Hypno-Disc, Storm 2 bullied and controlled Last Rites around the arena. Eventually, Storm 2 shunts Last Rites into Hypno-Disc and Tornado, damaging both. Storm 2 slams Last Rites into the side walls as Tornado was battered by Hypno-Disc. Storm 2 gone in behind and slammed Last Rites out of the arena. Now Team Rambot ganged up on Hypno-Disc shoving it around the arena, toppling Hypno-Disc over before eventually both rambots charged at Hypno-Disc and thrown it out of the arena.

Foxic vs last rites

Foxic loses a wheel

Last Rites also fought in the Challenge Belt as the third challenger for Foxic. Foxic charges towards the deadly spinner of Last Rites but upon impact sent Foxic spinning away and a second smack from the spinning bar slammed Foxic into the arena wall. Foxic is slashed by Last Rites again sending it to topple over, Last Rites itself spun wildly but managed to steady itself while Foxic self righted. Foxic becomes insistent in its ramming attacks, preventing Last Rites from attacking back instead causing Last Rites to spin wildly. Last Rites returns to form and batters Foxic as it tries to attack. Last Rites and Foxic end up driving on top of the floor flipper and as a result are flipped over, Last Rites spins wildly while Foxic was toppled over and unable to self right. A vulnerable Foxic is then attacked by the deadly Last Rites who continuously damages it with the spinning bar, eventually one major slam causes Foxic to lose a wheel and Last Rites span away. After another attack Last Rites incidentally helped Foxic self right, but Foxic's movement was hindered allowing Last Rites to continue its assault. Everytime Foxic attempted to ram Last Rites it was knocked away as does Last Rites. As the battle was slowly drawing to an end resulted in Foxic suffering more damage, its wheel guards was torn away before the match ending with Foxic losing its scoop.

Last rites vs bonk

Last Rites topples into the pit

Last Rites second challenge was against Bonk!. Bonk! charged straight into Last Rites smacking down with the hammer and getting around the side continuing the assault. The attacks on Last Rites continues with Bonk! ramming the deadly spinner into the side wall causing Last Rites to spasm, however these attacks ends up in Bonk! losing their axe from Last Rite's bar. Last Rites begins to fight back, hitting Bonk! across the arena into the pit release button. Last Rites comes in again and smacks Bonk! into the side wall, toppling it. Bonk! rams Last Rites some more but the spinning bar tears off the top armour plate, but this did not stop Bonk! from its ramming power. Bonk! eventually pits Last Rites but the spinning bar prevented it from being completely pitted, although Last Rites does.


All the bladed robots flip out

Last Rites also fought in the Weapons Match with fellow spinners such as Hypno-Disc, Scorpion and 13 Black. Hypno-Disc and Last Rites smacked into eachother causing the teeth of Hypno-Disc to come off, Last Rites turns and damages one of the back wheel. Meanwhile Scorpion targets 13 Black and attacks one of the discs but is quickly attacked by Hypno-Disc. Last Rites smashes into Hypno-Disc and Scorpion, spinning away from the impact. Scorpion uses its disc to damage the wheel of Last Rites only to smacked away by the spinning bar of Last Rites sending the two robots flying away. Hypno-Disc targets 13 Black but is lifted in the air from the flywheels of 13 Black. Last Rites attempts once again to attack Scorpion and Hypno-Disc but the three are flipped by the floor flipper, giving Lat Rites a nasty bounce across the arena. Hypno-Disc chased Last Rites damaging slightly before going after 13 Black, but Last Rites had followed and battered all the opponents causing every robot to flip out. As all the bladed robot got back to action Last Rites uses its heavy spinning bar to tear off one of the flywheels of 13 Black. Knowing 13 black was severely damaged both Scorpion and Hypno-Disc ganged up on 13 Black eventually knocking it out. Last Rites and Hypno-Disc manage to pin Scorpion hitting it from both sides and sending it into the air. After another hit from Hypno-Disc, Scorpion gained revenge by taking out of of Hypno-Disc's wheel. The remaining robots battered one another with their blades with Scorpion being the more aggressive attacking Hypno-Disc causing it to smoke. As Scorpion continued its assault on Hypno-Disc, Hypno-Disc reverses into the pit release button to get away from danger. Last Rite span wildly and was largely out of action while Scorpion and Hypno-Disc touched tips with their powerful blades spinning away with each impact. Last rites came back to the action and attacked the other two sending Hypno-Disc on its back, Hypno- Disc tried to self right but was unable to spinning into the pit. Scorpion managed to take out one of Last Rites' tire allowing for little movement from Last Rites. Scorpion continued to attack Last Rites, however due to the limited movements Last Rites was eliminated and Scorpion won automatically.

Series 2Edit

Luzifer and last rites pitted

Last Rites and Luzifer fall into the pit

Returning in Series 2 it fought Ka-Pow!, Luzifer and Lucid Dream. Last Rites smashes into Lucid Dream almost immediately and instantly destroys one of the motors from the hit, however, Lucid Dream was saved from another attack as Luzifer slams into Last Rites, ramming it out of the way. Last Rites attempts to hits Lucid Dream again but Ka-Pow! flips it out of the way while Luzifer presses the pit release and targets Lat Rites once more. Last Rites smashes into the front scoop of Ka-Pow! before turning around and hitting Luzifer sending it spinning into the side wall. Ka-Pow! flips Last Rites upwards as Lucid Dream lands after being flipped a few seconds before it attacks Last Rites along with Ka-Pow! who continued to flip them. Luzifer came from behind and attempts to lift both Ka-Pow! and Lucid Dream but fails to do so. Ka-Pow! singles out Last Rites, continuing to flip it while Lucid Dream is bullied by Luzifer who lifts it upwards every so often. Luzifer leaves Lucid Dream upside down, though not a problem as it is invertible, and goes after Last Rites and spins it towards the pit. Luzifer bullies Last Rites about before finally flipping it upwards where it gently floated into the pit, only for Luzifer to drive in after wards.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 8