Iron-Awe was a robot which participated in Series 2.

Robot History Edit

Series 2Edit

Iron-Awe takes three

Iron-Awe flipped all three opponents out

Iron-Awe's first ever appearance was against fourth seeds Tsunami, veterans The Great Pumpkin and Alien Destructor. The Great Pumpkin attacked the former Grand Finalist but did little damage and was flipped as a result, however it survived the flip. Iron-Awe then came in and flipped Tsunami out before flipping The Great Pumpkin and Alien Destructor out shortly after.

Diotoir vs iron awe

Diotoir is deposed of

Iron-Awe's first battle was against Diotoir. As quick as the first round melee, Iron-Awe threw Diotoir immediately onto its back. Iron-Awe chucked the damaged and upside down Diotoir across the arena before swiftly throwing them out of the arena.

Storm 2 vs iron awe

Iron-Awe chucks Storm 2 out

Next Iron-Awe fought Storm 2. Storm 2 rampage its way towards Iron-Awe but is flipped over. Storm 2 self rights and charges towards Iron-Awe but is flipped over again. Storm 2 self right again and pushes Iron-Awe into the side wall almost sending them out. Iron-Awe self rights and flips Storm 2 before flipping them again and this time out of the arena.

Iron awe vs alien destructor

Iron-Awe throws Alien Destructor

Lastly Iron-Awe fights Alien Destructor again. Iron-Awe flips Alien Destructor over but to the surprise of many Alien Destructor was able to get around the side and crush Iron-Awe pushing it as it did so. Iron-Awe fought back and began a assault throwing Alien Destructor about before finally throwing them out.

Storm 2 vs ironawe

Iron-Awe is pitted

In the Heat Final Iron-Awe fought Storm 2 again. Storm 2 rams Iron-Awe but as a result it is flipped over, causing it to roll over and back onto its wheels. Iron-Awe rams Storm 2 and attempts to flip it out of the arena but fails to do so as Storm 2 is flipped again but survives. Iron-Awe chucks Storm 2 highly and once more fails an OOtA. Storm 2 fights back and rams Iron-Awe about almost toppling it. Storm 2 rams Iron-Awe about but Iron-Awe moves around Storm 2 and throws it upwards again. Iron-Awe rampages through, chucking Storm 2 around the arena and after a minute of flipping Storm 2 about, Storm 2 fought back and rams Iron-Awe against the arena wall. Iron-Awe flips itself and presses the pit release only to be shunted into the CPZ by Storm 2. Storm 2 rams Iron-Awe towards the pit, missing and almost pitting itself. Iron-Awe tries to pit Storm 2 but the speedy rambot circles back around and pushes Iron-Awe into the pit.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 1