Hypno-Disc (sometimes spelled Hypnodisc or Hypno Disc) was a competitor robot which fought in every Series of Diotoir's Wacky Rumbles. Hypno-Disc was famously known and feared for its trademark horizontal flywheel, a weapon it pioneered and used to great effect.

The Hypno-Disc team consisted of twin brothers Dave and Derek Rose and their father Ken. The Hypno-Disc team's motto was "Spin to Win".

Robot History Edit

Series 1Edit

Hypno-disc vs saint vs foxic vs scotsman

The Saint loses a wheel

Hypno-Disc's first appearance it fought Foxic, Raging Scotsman and The Saint. Hypno-Disc attacks The Saint while Foxic attempts to ram Raging Scotsman, only for Raging Scotsman to exploit the wedge of Foxic. As all four robots begin to fight one another, The Saint is hit once again by Hypno-Disc who takes off a wheel, leaving The Saint immobile. Foxic begins to attack Hypno-Disc all while being pursued by Raging Scotsman who assists while the onslaught against Hypno-Disc. Hypno-Disc gets away and presses the pit release, leaving the two rambots to fight among themselves. The three remaining robots circled one another, Foxic had gotten itself stuck on the floor flipper, causing the flipper to fire sending Foxic on top of Hypno-Disc allowing for the flywheel to tear the top armour plate off. During this, Foxic became heavily damaged by the other two opponents. Eventually all three robots found themselves around the pit area, with Foxic hardly moving and Raging Scotsman suffering damage from Hypno-Disc after it slammed against the back wheel. Raging Scotsman then turned attentions to Hypno-Disc and proceeded to pit them and Foxic soon after, with Foxic hitting the bottom of the pit before Hypno-Disc.

Hypno-disc vs greatpumpkin

The Great Pumpkin in pieces

First it fought The Great Pumpkin. The Great Pumpkin used its wedge to deflect Hypno-Disc's first attack, and continued to ram and pressurize Hypno-Disc, slamming it to the CPZ. Hypno-Disc is sent flying from the massive slams to the side wall. Hypno-Disc continues to smack into The Great Pumpkin to cause damage. Hypno-Disc soon slams into the pit release while being chased by The Great Pumpkin, however Hypno-Disc turns and manages to rip off the front wedge of The Great Pumpkin. Hypno-Disc began to tear more objects off, with the flamethrower being dislodge, followed by the pumpkin. The Great Pumpkin drives away with only two wheels and the main body attached, it almost pits itself only for Hypno-Disc to cut off one of the wheels. Now completely immobile, The Great Pumpkin suffered further damage from the dreaded flywheel as it tore the other wheel off and was smacked across the arena. The Great Pumpkin was promptly counted out.

Hypnodisc vs weirdmalice

Hypno-Disc is flipped out

Afterwards Hypno-Disc fought Weird mAlice. Weird mAlice flips Hypno-Disc but is hit by the flywheel which sends it spinning away. Weird mAlice flips Hypno-Disc again but ends up flipping itself over by accident. Hypno-Disc take advantage and smashes into the overturned Weird mAlice. Weird mAlice struggles to self right but manages to do so and flips Hypno-Disc over and drives into the pit release as Hypno-Disc self rights. Hypno-Disc bashes into Weird mAlice who in turn flips Hypno-Disc over again. Weird mAlice continues to flip Hypno-Disc over and over again with little success in giving the final blow, however it managed to get the overturned Hypno-Disc by the side wall, ready to flip it out of the arena, which it eventually did.

Raging scotsman vs hypondisc

Raging Scotsman in pieces

Finally Hypno-Disc fought Raging Scotsman once again. Raging Scotsman attempts to copy the ramming tactic that The Great Pumpkin used before, however upon the second hit of the flywheel of Hypno-Disc, one half of the front wedge was taken off. Soon a third hit cause the other half to come off, with no defense Raging Scotsman continued to ram Hypno-Disc. The ramming only caused more damage to Raging Scotsman as Hypno-Disc ripped off one of the front tires. Despite this, Raging Scotsman continued to attack but also continued to get heavily damaged. Hypno-Disc gets away and presses the pit release button, but Raging Scotsman pins it briefly before Hypno-Disc comes back another attack, this time knocking out Raging Scotsman.

Weirdmalice vs hypnodisc

Hypno-Disc falls into the pit

In the Heat Final Hypno-Disc fought Weird mAlice again. As both robots clash, Hypno-Disc is flipped onto its side by Weird mAlice but recovers quickly hitting Weird mAlice as a response. Weird mAlice then flips Hypno-Disc again, this time toppling it over. Weird mAlice tries to flip it back over but fails to do so, twice, Hypno-Disc gets back up on its own accord and smashes into Weird mAlice again only to be flipped. Weird mAlice presses the pit release button and proceeds to flip Hypno-Disc once more. Hypno-Disc was at the edge of the pit, in which Weird mAlice tries to pit it only to almost topple in itself. After another attack, Weird mAlice accidentally flips Hypno-Disc back over. Once again Weird mAlice over flips and gets stuck on the side wall, causing Hypno-Disc to smack into it again and again, even getting underneath the flipperbot at one point. Hypno-Disc hits Weird mAlice some more and almost pits it, but Hypno-Disc accidentally gets its wheels caught over the pit. Weird mAlice smacks into it again but the power of Hypno-Disc's blade sent it flying away as well as sending it into the pit as a result.

Extreme 1Edit

Hypno-Disc first fought in the Allstars against Behemoth, Stinger and Suicidal Tendencies. Behemoth darted straight into Stinger, bulldozing them around with Stinger spinning on the spot. Meanwhile Hypno-Disc smashes into the front of Suicidal Tendencies attempting to snap off the scoop or even the claw. Behemoth leaves Stinger behind and flips Hypno-Disc over before flipping Suicidal Tendencies over and almost out of the arena. Hypno-Disc attacks Behemoth again but is flipped again. Behemoth flips Stinger who stabs Behemoth with the as Suicidal Tendencies attempts to corner Behemoth but is flipped over and out for good. Hypno-Disc self rights and slashes Behemoth, damaging its drive as well hitting Stinger's wheel. After another attack, Behemoth flips Hypno-Disc on its back and then proceeds to flip them out.

Team animal vs hypno-disc

Meggamouse chucks Hypno-Disc out

Afterwards it fought in the Tag Team with Last Rites as its partner forming "Team Disc-Truction" The team were first up against Team Animal consisting of Foxic and Meggamouse. Last Rites made the first move hitting Meggamouse with Foxic charging in and hitting Last Rites. Hypno-Disc smashes into Foxic, only for the flywheel to deflect, Last Rites is then ganged up upon by Foxic and Meggamouse who flip them by the flame pit. Hypno-Disc smashes into Team Animal but is flipped as a result while Last Rite's bar causes the robot bounce and spin wildly. After regaining stability, Last Rites attacks Meggamouse with two powerful swipes but became unstable again, a third hit caused Last Rites to spin spastically and throw itself out of the arena. Hypno-Disc had struggled with Foxic who kept deflecting its attacks and rammed it about. Meggamouse came in from the side and chucked Hypno-Disc over, Team Animal proceeded to shunt Hypno-Disc towards the back of the arena, Meggamouse flipped both Foxic and Hypno-Disc, accidently immobilizing Foxic but managing to flip Hypno-Disc out.

Eruption vs hypno-disc

Hypno-Disc is chucked out

Next the Team fought Team Champ consisting of Megabyte and Eruption. Megabyte turned and attacked the side of Last Rites with Hypno-Disc coming in to slice into Eruption. However as all three spinners were on the floor flipper as it then flipped the three spinners high causing them to bash onto the ground and spin wildly. Eruption took advantage on the upside down Hypno-Disc and proceeded to flip them out. Megabyte was toppled and couldn't self right as Last Rites gained mobility and bashed into Eruption. Eruption fought back and flipped Last Rites over and over again, this caused problems with its stability as its bar hit the ground everytime. Eruption flipped Last Rites into the sidewall but was hit as a result but a second flip managed to take off one of Last Rite's tires. Now crippled, Last Rites was bullied by Eruption who secures victory for Team Champ by chucking Last Rites out.

Team disctruction vs team rambot

Last Rites is knocked out as Team Rambot gangs up on Hypno-Disc

Finally the team fought Team Rambot consisting of Storm 2 and Tornado. Team Rambot performed a pincer movement on Last Rites, slamming Last Rites into its partner, Hypno-Disc. Last Rites is shunted on top of Tornado but soon is pushed off by Storm 2. As Tornado tackled Hypno-Disc, Storm 2 bullied and controlled Last Rites around the arena. Eventually, Storm 2 shunts Last Rites into Hypno-Disc and Tornado, damaging both. Storm 2 slams Last Rites into the side walls as Tornado was battered by Hypno-Disc. Storm 2 gone in behind and slammed Last Rites out of the arena. Now Team Rambot ganged up on Hypno-Disc shoving it around the arena, toppling Hypno-Disc over before eventually both rambots charged at Hypno-Disc and thrown it out of the arena.

Hypnodisc pit

Hypno-Disc skids into the pit.

Hypno-Disc also took part in the Weapons Match against fellow spinners Scorpion, 13 Black and Last Rites. Hypno-Disc and Last Rites smacked into eachother causing the teeth of Hypno-Disc to come off, Last Rites turns and damages one of the back wheel. Meanwhile Scorpion targets 13 Black and attacks one of the discs but is quickly attacked by Hypno-Disc. Last Rites smashes into Hypno-Disc and Scorpion, spinning away from the impact. Scorpion uses its disc to damage the wheel of Last Rites only to smacked away by the spinning bar of Last Rites sending the two robots flying away. Hypno-Disc targets 13 Black but is lifted in the air from the flywheels of 13 Black. Last Rites attempts once again to attack Scorpion and Hypno-Disc but the three are flipped by the floor flipper, giving Lat Rites a nasty bounce across the arena. Hypno-Disc chased Last Rites damaging slightly before going after 13 Black, but Last Rites had followed and battered all the opponents causing every robot to flip out. As all the bladed robot got back to action Last Rites uses its heavy spinning bar to tear off one of the flywheels of 13 Black. Knowing 13 black was severely damaged both Scorpion and Hypno-Disc ganged up on 13 Black eventually knocking it out. Last Rites and Hypno-Disc manage to pin Scorpion hitting it from both sides and sending it into the air. After another hit from Hypno-Disc, Scorpion gained revenge by taking out of of Hypno-Disc's wheel. The remaining robots battered one another with their blades with Scorpion being the more aggressive attacking Hypno-Disc causing it to smoke. As Scorpion continued its assault on Hypno-Disc, Hypno-Disc reverses into the pit release button to get away from danger. Last Rite span wildly and was largely out of action while Scorpion and Hypno-Disc touched tips with their powerful blades spinning away with each impact. Last rites came back to the action and attacked the other two sending Hypno-Disc on its back, Hypno- Disc tried to self right but was unable to spinning into the pit.

Series 2Edit

Nuts vs hypnodisc and tornado

Nuts loses a wheel

Returning as a seed Hypno-Disc fought Limpet, Tornado and Nuts. Hypno-Disc instantly targeted Nuts hitting it once before Tornado rams Nuts into the deadly flywheel again tearing off a wheel. Nuts remained dormant, spinning endlessly getting nowhere. Hypno-Disc spins away and hits Limpet as Tornado zooms past and begins to push against Limpet. Tornado and Limpet's pushing match lasts so long that Tornado ends up getting flipped by the floor flipper, landing on the flywheel of Hypno-Disc. Hypno-Disc smacks the side of Tornado, tearing off the side panel before heading towards the immobile Nuts, breaking the teeth and ripping off the chain. Hypno-Disc reenters the main battle smashing into Limpet almost toppling it. Tornado charges Hypno-Disc and rams it about before being targeted by Limpet. All three remain under the drop zone but narrowly misses the washing machine which only caused minor damage to Tornado. Tornado alongside Limpet smashes into Hypno-Disc and the two gang up on it even cornering it. Hypno-Disc fights back, throwing Limpet up and over and it becomes stuck on Hypno-Disc's flywheel while Tornado rams the two, eventually Limpets falls back and assaults Hypno-Disc again. The two rambots batter Hypno-Disc around the arena and almost pitting it. Tornado shunts Hypno-Disc and attempts to pit it only to fall in itself.

Breakerbox vs hypnodisc

Hypno-Disc thrown over by the impact

First hypno-Disc fought Breaker Box. Hypno-Disc charges into Breaker Box but is thrown over almost immediately and is slammed into the arena wall. Breaker Box rams Hypno-Disc around the arena before bashing it into the arena wall, Hypno-Disc is pressured into the side wall before eventually being knocked out completely.

Chompalot vs hypnodisc

Chompalot's lower jaw is ripped apart

Next it fought Chompalot. The first slash from Hypno-Disc's blade sends Chompalot flying and almost toppling over on its side. Hypno-Disc smashes into the front of Chompalot but the claw blade blocked the incoming damage. Hypno-Disc circles Chompalot and gets a few hits, but not many as Chompalot puts up a strong defense. Eventually, Hypno-Disc tears apart huge chunks of Chompalot, including the lower jaw. Hypno-Disc was on the offensive battering Chompalot some more, causing it to smoke. As Chompalot's upper jaw hung lowly, Hypno-Disc relentlessly destroys what remained of Chompalot, immobilizing it.

Limpet vs hypno-disc

Limpet and Hypno-Disc clash

Finally Hypno-Disc fought Limpet again. Hypno-Disc smacks into Limpet but is deflected by the front wedge. Limpet gets behind Hypno-Disc and rams it only for Hypno-Disc to turn and slash at the wedge once more, this time ripping off the wedge. For a while Hypno-Disc bashes and damages Limpet further before pressing the pit release button in a vain attempt to pit it. After some more attacks, Limpet retaliates and rams Hypno-Disc, toppling it at one moment but Hypno-Disc self rights and continues in its attacks. Hypno-Disc charges over to the pit and reverses, catching Limpet and pushing it slowly towards the pit.

Breakerbox vs hypno-disc

Hypno-Disc is almost slammed out

In the Heat Final it fought Breaker Box again. As before Breaker Box bulldozes Hypno-Disc around the arena, slamming it about. Hypno-Disc evacuates and presses the pit release before Breaker Box shunts into it. Hypno-Disc batters the side of Breaker Box, tearing off a side panel. Breaker Box retaliates and batters Hypno-Disc across the side wall, almost throwing it out. Hypno-Disc batters the side once again, hitting at the side as the two circle ones one another. The dance breaks off as Breaker Box violently bashes Hypno-Disc, however the flywheel slashes the side. The two circle another once again before Breaker Box lifts and assaults Hypno-Disc, who ends up eliminating itself by reversing into the pit.

Extreme 2Edit

Hypnodisc aod

Hypno-Disc as it appeared in the Capture the Flag

Hypno-Disc took part in the Capture the Flag against Electra,Diotoir,Thor, The Argo and War Saw. Almost immediately Electra and War Saw clashed into eachother before being rammed by Hypno-Disc and Thor, toppling both robots over and out. Hypno-Disc attempts to attack Diotoir but loses its disc, leaving Diotoir to capture the flag. The remainder of the battle consisted of Diotoir running away with the flag as Hypno-Disc and the other surviving robots chased after it, ultimately losing.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 9