Eruption was a heavyweight robot which competed in every series of Diotoir's Wacky Rumbles. Eruption was known for its powerful flipper, capable of throwing opponents out of the arena. Despite the real Eruption being a powerful two time champion as well as runners up in the professional competition of Robot Wars, in the Diotoir's Wacky Rumbles competition Eruption has not done as well.

Robot History Edit

Series 1Edit

Naked rat oota

Eruption chucks Naked Rat out

Eruption vs meggamouse oota

Meggamouse chucks Eruption out

In its first appearance Eruption fought The Naked Rat, Meggamouse and Nuts. As the match began, Eruption flipped The Naked Rat over with Meggamouse attempting to attack the rat too. Eruption attempts to flip Nuts over, but fails to do so while Meggamouse chucks Naked Rat across the arena. Nuts span on the spot as Eruption tried to attack it but was mainly unable to, as that happened Meggamouse rammed The Naked Rat towards the other side of the arena causing Eruption to change focus. Eruption quickly flips Meggamouse before assaulting The Naked Rat, with Meggamouse assisting Eruption with the attack on The Naked Rat and soon Nuts joining in on the gang up. The two flippers decided to split up and attack the other competitors, with Eruption flipping Nuts and Meggamouse sending Naked Rat across the other side of the arena. Eruption then goes after Meggamouse and Naked Rat, flipping both before chasing Naked Rat towards the arena wall, flipping it over on its back before flipping it some more. Naked Rat is then rammed by Eruption and eventually flipped out of the arena, Eruption then presses the pit release and attempts to flip Nuts and/or Meggamouse out of the arena, only for Meggamouse to get in behind and chuck Eruption out.

Extreme 1Edit

Team rambot vs team champ aftermath

The aftermath of the battle

Eruption first appeared in the Tag Team forming "Team Champs" with Megabyte as its partner. the team first fought Team Rambot. The two rambots charged towards different opponents with Tornado attacking Megabyte and Storm 2 shooting straight into Eruption. Eruption manages to get underneath Storm 2 and flips it extremely high in the air, landing back in the arena. Tornado meanwhile shunted Megabyte around the arena but is also slashed by the full body spinner who knocks it over. Storm 2 struggles to self right, reversing into the pit release and fleeing Eruption. Megabyte begins to push Tornado across the arena only to be attacked by Storm 2 who came in from behind and rammed it. Eruption tries to flip Storm 2 but is intercepted by Tornado, Megabyte quickly disposed of during this. Tornado is flipped by Eruption who is attacked by Storm 2 soon afterwards who in turn is chucked out of the arena by Eruption. Tornado and Eruption remained with Eruption getting the upper hand flipping Tornado about, but a fatal error resulted in Eruption flipping Tornado over the pit and driving in itself.

Eruption vs hypno-disc

Hypno-Disc is chucked out

Next the team fought Team Disc-Truction. Megabyte turned and attacked the side of Last Rites with Hypno-Disc coming in to slice into Eruption. However as all three spinners were on the floor flipper as it then flipped the three spinners high causing them to bash onto the ground and spin wildly. Eruption took advantage on the upside down Hypno-Disc and proceeded to flip them out. Megabyte was toppled and couldn't self right as Last Rites gained mobility and bashed into Eruption. Eruption fought back and flipped Last Rites over and over again, this caused problems with its stability as its bar hit the ground everytime. Eruption flipped Last Rites into the sidewall but was hit as a result but a second flip managed to take off one of Last Rite's tires. Now crippled, Last Rites was bullied by Eruption who secures victory for Team Champ by chucking Last Rites out.

Foxic vs eruption

Foxic is chucked out

The final Head to Head the team faced was against Team Animal. Eruption quickly flipped Foxic over but is charged at and flipped by Meggamouse as a respone as Meggabyte came forth and attacked Team Animal. Upon self righting Eruption took revenge on Meggamouse flipping it about and almost flipping Meggamouse out of the arena. Foxic is bashed away and sent towards Eruption who flips Foxic as a response. Erupion gets underneath and flips Fioxic some more before charging towards the side wall and flipping Foxic out. Meggamouse was pinned and battered by the deadly spinner of Megabyte. Meggamouse is eventually flipped onto the side wall where it was balanced and was slowly tipped over and out.

Tag team final2

Team Champs win the Tag Team Terror

In the Tag Team Final they faced Team rambot again. The final saw Team Rambot and Team Champ face one another as the more impressive robots, whilst also acting as a vengeance battle. All four robots came out with Megabyte targetting Tornado and Eruption separating Storm 2 from the fray and proceeding to get underneath it darting towards the side wall and flipping Storm 2 out. Megabyte's spinner managed to knock Tornado over leaving them vulnerable to an attack. Eruption flipped Tornado over and ten flipped Megabyte over by accident, this allowed Tornado to shunt Eruption towards the side wall pinning them. Eruption gets away and flips Megabyte over again allowing for them to assist in attacking Tornado. The two slammed Tornado about until, Megabyte is caught on the floor flipper causing it to be flipped over again. Eruption, however, secured victory by ramming Tornado into the side wall and flipping them out of the arena.

Eruption also fought in the Weapons Match, Flipper Frenzy against other flipperbots Bulldog Breed, Gravity and Bigger Brother. All the flipperbots targeted Eruption and flipped it over. Bulldog Breed turns against Gravity and Bigger Brother by flipping the two as Eruption attempts to self right only to unintentionally flip Bulldog Breed who tried to flip Eruption. Eruption self rights and attacks Gravity who flips Bulldog Breed. Eruption is flipped by Gravity again and slammed into the corner with Bigger Brother attacking Eruption once again. Bulldog Breed flips Bigger Brother and Gravity which in turn flips Eruption over and out of the arena. Bulldog Breed flips Gravity but not over and out, it then flips Bigger Brother out of the arena. Gravity quickly self rights and chucks Bulldog Breed out.

Series 2Edit

Eruption vs cherub in pit

Eruption and Cherub fall in the pit

Returning for Series 2, Eruption fought Cherub, Diotoir and Storm 2. Eruption came in from behind and flipped Cherub metres high. As Storm 2 fought Diotoir, Cherub used its forks to attack Eruption only for Eruption to fight back and flip it about the arena. Storm 2 and Diotoir press the pit release as Eruption flips Cherub about before pushing it in the pit, toppling in itself as well.

Extreme 2Edit

Breakerbox vs eruption vs toughasnails

Tough as Nails grabs hold of Eruption as the two are rammed

Eruption represented the UK in the Internationals and fought Tough As Nails and Breaker Box. Tough as Nails darts towards Eruption but is flipped, Breaker Box capitalizes on this attack by ramming Tough as Nails mid flight. Eruption flips Tough as Nails again as Breaker Box continues to ram it. Eruption soon flips Breaker Box up and over while Tough as Nails tries to grab hold of the flipperbot from behind only to be flipped along side Breaker Box. Breaker Box is chucked about, while Tough as Nails grabs hold of Eruption and pins it against the wall. Breaker Box rams Eruption, who flips Tough as Nails out of the way, and slams it against the arena wall. The two foreigners gang up on Eruption but after a while of pure force and pressure, the two back off with Eruption flipping Breaker Box as a response and Tough as Nails grabbing hold again. Breaker Box charges into the back of Tough as Nails and Eruption, sending the two flying upwards slightly, crashing back down. Eruption flicks Breaker Box away but the the upturned Tough as Nails continues to hold a tight grasp. Tough as Nails flops back down but quickly grabs hold of Eruption again, Breaker box comes in from the side smacking into the two ramming them before the two foreigners gang up on Eruption again. Eruption gets away and flips the two only to be ambushed once again by being slammed into the CPZ again and pinned there. All the robots quickly get stuck on top of one another. Eruption is toppled onto its back while Breaker Box is crushed by Tough as Nails. Due to Eruption failing to self right it is counted out.

Eruption megabyte vs meggamouse foxic

Foxic immobile as Meggamouse is thrown out of the arena

Next it fought in the Tag team with Megabyte as partner again. They first fought Foxic and Meggamouse again. Both Meggamouse and Foxic rush in and target Megabyte ramming it and attempting to flip it over, however Eruption intercepts and flips Meggamouse upwards. Foxic is flipped over by Erupyion and fails to self right as Megabyte spins into it and damages the underbelly. Eruption flips Meggamouse around the arena while Foxic is counted out. As Meggamouse is flipped around the CPZ near the pit, Megabyte spins towards Meggamouse and adds insult to injury. The two gang up on the lonely Meggamouse, until the two engage in infighting. Eruption flips Megabyte over as it rams Meggamouse towards the side wall and flips it out of the arena.

Plunderbird vs megabyte & eruption

Eruption flips Plunderbird and Megabyte

Next they fought Bigger Brother and Plunderbird. Bigger Brother and Plunderbird conduct a pincer movement on Megabyte,flipping it over immediately. Eruption comes in quickly and flips Plunderbird, who survives, before turning attentions to Bigger Brother, quickly flipping Bigger Brother out of the arena. As Plunderbird is bashed by Megabyte, Eruption intercepts and chucks Plunderbird and Megabyte over onto their backs. Megabyte self rights as Plunderbird is counted out.

Megabyte vs the steel avenger

Megabyte decimates The Steel Avenger

In the Final they fought The Steel Avenger and Suicidal Tendencies. The teams split up with Megabyte instantly targeting The Steel Avenger, throwing it upwards by the sheer power of the spinner and Eruption targeting Suicidal Tendencies flipping it over immediately. Eruption throws Suicidal Tendencies over a few times before leaving it on its back, while Megabyte smashes The Steel Avenger into the CPZ and rips away the armour plating as it does. The Steel Avenger self rights and turns to attack Megabyte, axing it as it does but soon Eruption comes to assist Megabyte and flips The Steel Avenger in the air. Eruption then flips Megabyte over as it then proceeds to attack The Steel Avenger some more, eventually knocking it out.

Series 3Edit

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 5