Featherweight Battles was a series of side events that played out alongside the main competition during Diotoir's Wacky Rumbles: Series 3. This featured the first time Featherweighst appeared on the show.

Format Edit

In a special arena, four random Featherweight robots battle it out with only one winner.

Competitors Edit


Rip vs Micro-Mute vs Inertia XL vs Orchid MantisEdit

Rip vs orchid mantis

Rip shunts Inertia XL off as well as falling

Both Rip and Micro-Mute perform a pincer movement on Inertia XL with Rip flipping it. Orchid Mantis grabs hold of Rip as Micro-Mute shunts Inertia XL towards one of the arena claws before suiciding itself and Inertia XL off the arena completely. Rip is bashed by the claw of Orchid Mantis before turning and flipping, only to miss and flip itself over completely and back onto its wheels. Rip charges and shunts Orchid Mantis off the arena, as well as falling itself.
Winner: Rip