Diotoir’s Wacky Rumbles: Series 2 Grand Final is a fanmade Robot Arena 2 competition using the 2013 Robot Wars + mod. The episode serves as the eighth episode for the second series, with the return of Big Nipper, and originally aired on the 14th July 2017.

Competing Robots Edit

Battles Edit

Round 1Edit

Weird mAlice (1) vs Storm 2 vs Beast (8) vs Barber-OusEdit

Beast vs weird m

Beast throws Weird mAlice out

The finalists spin towards the centre with the reigning champions flipping Storm 2 up and over only to be flipped over by Beast from behind. Storm 2 rams Beast into the CPZ, while Weird mAlice attempts to flip Barber-Ous but the drum spinner was unaffected. Beast is lifted by Storm 2 who attempts to self right. Barber-Ous is thrown upwards by Weird mAlice who turns and charges into Beast attempting to throw it out. Barber-Ous is flipped again by Weird mAlice and stands on the wheel. Storm 2 charges towards Beast but is flipped once again. Weird mAlice charges in and flips Barber-Ous but before it could Beast flips the reigning champions as Storm 2 manages to land back to Earth. As soon as Storm 2 landed, it rams Weird mAlice but the attacks were in vein as Weird mAlice flips Storm 2 and almost chucks it out of the arena. Beast bulldozes Weird mAlice around, while Storm 2 is battered heavily by Barber-Ous. Beast chases Weird mAlice before flipping them from almost half way across the arena and out of the arena.

Beast vs barberous vs storm 2

Barber-Ous damages the two robots

Beast flips Storm 2 but becomes wedged on top of it. Barber-Ous smashes into the two robots causing some heavy damage to the two. For the remainder of the battle the three robots dawdle about, with Barber-Ous being the most damaging and aggressive. Storm 2 attempts to ram Beast about the arena but the rambot is chased by the drum spinner of Barber-Ous. After a long tedious second half of the battle, it went to a judges decision with Beast automatically going through as it defeated the reigning champions while Barber-Ous went through on damage.
Qualified: Barber-Ous & Beast

Meggamouse vs Breaker Box vs Big Nipper (2) vs Electric BoogalooEdit

Meggamouse vs breaker box vs big nipper vs electric boogaloo

Electric Boogaloo is thrown out while the other three continue to battle

Breaker Box charges towards Meggamouse at first before turning and attempting to lift Electric Boogaloo buts is thrown upward by the spinning bar. As Breaker Box attempted to self right, Big Nipper darts in and rams the American machine. Meggamouse flips the two machines upwards with but of them landing of the spinning bar of Electric Boogaloo. Meggamouse rams the other two opponents as Breaker Box rams into the pit release before coming back in and attacking Electric Boogaloo. All four robots circle dangerously under the drop zone before the inevitable happens and all four machines are smashed by bowling balls, with Electric Boogaloo suffering the worst of it. Meggamouse throws Electric Boogaloo around while Big Nipper chases Breaker Box. Meggamouse chucks Electric Boogaloo once more before Breaker Box rams Meggamouse into Big Nipper who proceeds to crush the mouse. Electric Boogaloo stumbles back into the battle, smacking Breaker Box out of the way before bulldozing into Meggamouse as Big Nipper lifts Breaker Box upwards. Big Nipper lifts Breaker Box while Electric Boogaloo batters it with the spinning bar. Meggamouse self rights and comes in to attack the other thre, throwing Electric Boogaloo out and Breaker Box onto its side. Breaker Box runs away but is attacked by Big Nipper and Meggamouse. Breaker Box rams Big Nipper into the side wall and attempts to throw them out, but Meggamous charges in from behind and throws Breaker Box out.
Qualified: Meggamouse & Big Nipper

Head to HeadEdit

Beast vs MeggamouseEdit

Beast vs meggamouse

Meggamouse is thrown out

The two flippers clash with Meggamouse flipping Beast over, it self rights as Meggamouse rams it from behind. Meggamouse flips Beast again, but the powerful flipper of Beast came back around and throws Meggamouse upwards. Beast controls the movements of Meggamouse, flipping it once where it tilts side wards allowing Beast to ram and push Meggamouse into the CPZ where it chucks Meggamouse out of the arena.
Winner: Beast

Big Nipper vs Barber-OusEdit

Big nipper vs barber-ous

Barber-Ous is pitted

Big Nipper rams into Barber-Ous but is smashed upwards, before being attacked by the drum spinner which traps Big Nipper. Big Nipper runs away and presses the pit release button before the powerful Barber-Ous smashes into Big nipper damaging it slightly. Big Nipper self rights after the onslaught and bashes Barber-Ous only to be battered in returned. Big nipper tries to escape but is ripped apart by the powerful drum spinner, and is almost chucked out of the arena at one point. Big Nipper tries to grab the spinner but is slashed by Barber-Ous, Barber-Ous is nudges and smacked by Big Nipper who spins uncontrollably into the pit.
Winner: Big Nipper

Beast vs Big NipperEdit

Big nipper vs beast

Big Nipper grabs hold of Beast's flipper

Big Nipper rams Beast and skids over the flipper, Beast follows foot but misfires its flip. Big Nipper runs on top of Beast but is immediately flipped. Beast is lifted onto its back where Big Nipper attempts to take advantage but Beast lowers and proceeds to flip Big Nipper. Beast flips Big Nipper twice again before the claws grab hold and crush the flipper, causing it to stand up right. Big Nipper, in an awkward angle, shoves Beast around before slamming it into the CPZ where it is flipped over but not out, instead getting underneath and lifting Beast upwards. Big Nipper backs away from pinning Beast against the side wall where Beast came back for vengeance and flips Big Nipper over a few times before throwing them out completely.
Winner: Beast

Barber-Ous vs MeggamouseEdit

Meggamouse vs barberous

Meggamouse flips Barber-Ous

Barber-Ous smashes into Meggamouse, sending it upwards and causing some extensive damage as it rams Meggamouse about. Meggamouse frees itself and flips Barber-Ous into the side wall getting one half out and the other in. Meggamouse then rams Barber-Ous against the side wall knocking the other half out of the arena.
Winner: Meggamouse

Big Nipper vs MeggamouseEdit

Meggamouse vs big nipper

Meggamouse is lifted and thrown out

As Big Nipper charges towards Meggamouse, it misfires its flip on Big Nipper. Meggamouse runs away as Big Nipper attacks it with Meggamouse toppling about, unable to gain purchase. Meggamouse flips but Big Nipper continues to pressure Meggamouse with it being rammed into the side wall and into the pit release before the claws of Big Nipper grabs hold but is flipped a few times. Meggamouse circles to try and flip Big Nipper, but the claws of Big Nipper charged at Meggamouse, shunting it about before grabbing hold from behind and lifting it upwards and throwing it out of the arena.
Winner: Big Nipper

Beast vs Barber-OusEdit

Barberous vs beast

Barber-Ous is eliminated

In very quick fashion, Barber-Ous smashes into Beast but is flipped. beast then flips it across the arena wall before chucking Barber-Ous out once and for all.
Winner: Beast

Heat FinalEdit

Beast vs big nipper

Beast becomes champions

Big Nipper smashes into the side of Beast but Beast slowly edged around Big Nipper and flips it. Big Nipper smashes Beast but is wedged and flipped the clawed machine. The two circle one another, with Beast gaining the upper hand by flipping Big Nipper over and over again. Big Nipper tries to grab and damage Beast but Beast was too quick and continues its assault by flipping the invertable machine. Beast reveres against Big Nipper but is attacked from behind and rammed Beast into the CPZ almost sending it out. Big Nipper chases after Beast attempting to damage the back of it, but Beast retaliates and flips Big Nipper a few times but Big Nipper comes back for more. After flipping Big Nipper into the pit release, Beast attacks Big Nipper almost flipping it into the pit. Beast flips Big Nipper more and more, heavily damaging it before delivering a final blow, killing Big Nipper and becoming champions.
Winner: Beast

Side EventsEdit

King of the HillEdit

Winner: Breaker Box

Winner: Beast

Winner: Breaker Box