House Robot Rebellion was a competition that was held during Diotoir's Wacky Rumbles: Extreme 2 and aired on the December 2017. This consisted of battles against the House Robots.

Competitors Edit

Challenges Edit

Last Rites vs Oll-EEdit

Olle vs last rites

Last Rites smashes into Oll-E

Last Rites spun up to speed as the boggle eyed House Robot tentatively moved forward only for Last Rites to smash into it, sending the House robot spinning across the arena. Oll-E had immediately lost its one track and was caught on the arena spikes. Last Rites added insult to injury battering Oll-E twice more destroying the other track.
Winner: Last Rites

Ripper vs MatildaEdit

Matilda vs ripper

Ripper flips Matilda

Ripper charges at Matilda only for the House robot to flip Ripper over. Ripper self rights and tackles the front Matilda, getting caught on the lifting forks. The two back away before Ripper flips Matilda across the arena, through the side walls and through three CPZs, chucking it up in the air each time. Upon reaching the third CPZ on the flipping run, Matilda fought back using her tusks to hold Ripper upwards. Matilda moves Rippers across the arena using her tusks to lift it as she does. Matilda holing Ripper up with her tusks lasts the whole of the last minute. Winner:Ripper

Behemoth vs ShuntEdit

Shuny vs behemoth

Shunt hammers Behemoth

Initial impact results in Behemoth flipping Shunt upwards before flipping a second time. Behemoth attempts a third flip but Shunt quickly intercepts and begins to hammer away. Despite being the more damaging, Shunt is pushed back by Behemoth all the way towards the CPZ. Shunt continues axe Behemoth and eventually destroys the front scoop completely before shoving the heavily damaged Behemoth towards the arena spikes. Shunt gets around the sides of Behemoth and hammers continuously, removing the top panel of Behemoth as well as shunting Behemoth around the arena for a majority of the fight. Behemoth attempts to fight back but it becomes too little too late as Shunt wins on a judges decision.
Winner: Shunt


Apex olle matilda storm 2 rebellion

Matilda is toppled as Apex damages Oll-E

As a result of losing, both Matilda and Oll-E took part in the rebellion against Apex and Storm 2. Storm 2 instantly charges into Matilda while Apex spun up to speed and knocks into Oll-E, wildly spinning upwards upon impact. Oll-E pushes Apex as Storm 2 rams Matilda towards the side wall where she it toppled onto her side. Oll-E loses all mobility on one side while as Storm 2 leaves Matilda to be counted out. Storm 2 gets underneath Oll-E and rams it towards the side wall as Apex spins up to speed, only to drive into the pit release button. Storm 2 holds Oll-E on top of it as Apex spins into the House Robot sending it flying, Storm 2 smashes into Oll-E while Apex destroys any mobility. Eventually, the two competitors pin Oll-E where it had become immobile.
Winners: Storm 2 and Apex