Sumo was a competition that was held during Diotoir's Wacky Rumbles: Extreme 1. The competition started on 2nd February 2017 and ended on the 10th February. Each robot would take turns to enter a small square stage with Shunt, with the aim being to push the house robot out of the ring or otherwise remain on the stage for a full 60 seconds.


Each bout would last one minute, if a robot could last that long. If Shunt fell off or was pushed off the plinth by a robot, this robot would go higher up the leaderboard than a robot that lasted the full minute. Weapons are allowed to be used, though flippers are banned. A total of ten robots competed.


Rank Robot Image Summary Score
1 Luzifer
Luzifer sumo
Luzifer uses its lifter to combat Shunt, it lifts the House robot over a few times, flipping it over. After a struggle, Shunt attempts to shove Luzifer over but is pushed back and eventually flipped again, this time out of the ring. Victorious (0:28)
2 Alien Destructor
Alien destructor sumo
Shunt reverses and topples Alien Destructor, but Alien Destructor gets away and grasps onto the wheel guard and almost pushing Shunt off. Shunt soon shoves Alien Destructor and also drives itself onto the flame pit where both robots were counted out. Survived
3 Bonk!
Bonk sumo
Bonk! is rammed by Shunt as the two push against eachother. Bonk! is soon rammed onto the flame pit and becomes stuck. Shunt hesitantly tries to push it off, failing the first time and succeeding the second time. 0:23
4 Foxic
Foxic sumo
Foxic gets a side on attack but Shunt soon gets the upperhand and shoves Foxic into the arena corner, Foxic gets away but is pursued by Shunt who pushes Foxic towards the arena claw which throws Foxic off. 0:19
5 S.M.I.D.S.Y.
Smidsy sumo
Shunt reversed and slammed S.M.I.D.S.Y. into the corner of the ring. Shunt then charged and shoved S.M.I.D.S.Y. off. 0:17
6 Tornado
Tornado sumo
Tornado started well by pushing Shunt towards the edge, but soon Shunt began pushing back. The two were stuck for a moment in a locked battle, eventually Shunt started to get the upper hand and swiftly shunted Tornado off. 0:16
7 The Revolutionists
Revolutionists sumo
The Revolutionists span up to speed, Shunt deflects and simply pushes The Revolutionists with little problem. 0:13
8 Mr Nasty
Mrnasty sumo
Shunt reverses as does Mr Nasty before Shunt rammed Mr Nasty and began to push it off the edge and eventually doing so after a few axe hits. 0:08
9 Tanto
Tanto sumo
Tanto tries to attack the side of Shunt only for Shunt to immediately turn around and push Tanto off. 0:07
9 X-Terminator
Xterminator sumo
Shunt immediately rammed X-Terminator, got underneath and pushed it out straight away. 0:07