The House Robots Rebellion is an event that from Diotoir's Wacky Rumbles: Extreme 1. In the battle two contestants, working together, fought the House Robots, who were allowed the freedom of the arena for the duration of the battle. The two House Robots for this was Shunt and Matilda.

Competitors Edit

The Battle Edit

Meggamouse vs shunt

Meggamouse lifts Shunt

The two House Robots and competitors chose their victims, Matilda targeted Nuts flipping it across the arena while Shunt was attacked by Meggamouse who flipped it but didn't turn over. In an effort to save its partner, Meggamouse attempts to flip Matilda but is flipped and chased away all while suffering blows from Shunt. Nuts tries to distract the House Robots failing at first but soon Matilda turned its attentions on Nuts flipping it about again.

Matilda meggamouse pit

Meggamouse and Matilda in the pit

Meggamouse tries to escape from Shunt's clutches but flips itself over allowing for Matilda to attack it. Nuts spins on the spot and smacks into Matilda trying to distract her but Shunt begins to hammer away at Nuts and Meggamouse, soon Meggamouse chucks Matilda while Nuts is slammed into the CPZ by Shunt. Meggamouse comes to save Nuts and finally flips Shunt over for good this time, leaving only Matilda to contend against. Matilda targets Meggamouse flipping it across the arena while Nuts became temporarily stuck. Matilda eventually flipped Meggamouse into the pit, but ended up pitting itself with some assistance from Nuts. Despite Meggamouse falling in the pit, both Nuts and Meggamouse won the battle.
Winners: Meggamouse & Nuts