Brutus is an invertible heavyweight robot from Belgium which fought in Series 2 of Diotoir's Wacky Rumbles.

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Series 2Edit

Apex vs behemoth vs bonk vs brutus

Apex and Brutus are flipped by Behemoth

In the Heat melee it fought challenge belt holders Bonk!, third seeds Behemoth and returning Apex. Bonk! quickly turned and attacked Brutus, hammering away at it. Bonk! and Brutus were flipped by the floor flipper. Brutus manages to get underneath Bonk! and proceeds to ram it. Apex reverses and hits one of the back wheels of Brutus before attacking Behemoth all while Bonk! axes Apex for this attack. Brutus pins Bonk! by the arena wall while the third seeds, Behemoth, is heavily damaged by the spinning bar of Apex. As Apex continued its assault on Behemoth, Brutus slams into Apex almost toppling it. Behemoth manages to flip Brutus and Apex, both at the same time over. Brutus continued to ram Bonk! and Behemoth. Brutus itself is chucked by Behemoth while Apex flipped itself over again. Bonk! is bullied about by the other three robots who all attack one another. Brutus begins an onslaught on the upside down Apex but is soon flipped by Behemoth. Bonk! and Behemoth corner Apex and Brutus slamming the two and using the weapons to damage them. Apex manages to escape and despite control problems began to slam into Behemoth and Brutus damaging the two, in particular Behemoth who lost a part of the roll over bars and began to smoke. Bonk! attempts to attack Brutus but is whacked out of the way by Apex and flipped by the damaged Behemoth. As the battle drew to a close all robots were still active and all heavily damaged. Behemoth won on all accounts while Apex who on damage and aggression meaning Bonk! and Brutus was eliminated.

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  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1