Bigger Brother was a heavyweight robot from Brighton which entered in every series of Diotoir's Wacky Rumbles so far.

Robot History Edit

Series 1Edit

Bigger brother vs thor puit

Bigger Brother pits Thor and falls in itself

In its first appearance it fought Thor, TR2 and Cherub. Both Bigger Brother and Cherub head straight for Thor, with Bigger Brother flipping Thor. As Thor attacks Bigger Brother only for TR2 to flip Bigger Brother over, Cherub meanwhile uses the forks to lift and damage Thor. TR2 manages to get underneath and flip Cherub over but fails to do so, this distraction caused Bigger Brother to flip TR2. Cherub continued to pin Thor by the pit release button as Bigger Brother gave insult to injury by flipping Thor over again allowing it to be free. Thor then axes Cherub and Bigger Brother, gaining some purchase but TR2 soon flips it over. TR2 gets stuck on the arena side wall briefly but frees itself, while Bigger Brother chases Thor. Bigger Brother soon flips Thor over Cherub with TR2 flipping Bigger Brother. Once again all three robots gang up on Thor flipping each other and Thor about, with Bigger Brother being the bigger aggressor. Bigger Brother then drives Thor towards the side wall, flipping it over once again but Thor gains some form of revenge by hammering away but Bigger Brother had it caught and drove into the pit with Thor.

Extreme 1Edit

Thor vs bigger brother vs xterminator

Thor attacks Bigger Brother while Bigger Brother attacks X-Terminator

Bigger Brother appeared twice in the Extreme, first being in the Allstars. here, it fought Dantomkia, X-Terminator and once again Thor. Bigger Brother and X-Terminator pins Thor allowing the two to try and attack Thor but Thor was quick to get away allowing the other three to attack one another. Dantomkia flips Bigger Brother but not over as Thor axed X-Terminator while on the floor flipper. Before the floor flipper flipped Thor and X-Terminator they were both rammed by Dantomkia, Bigger Brother instead was flipped. Bigger Brother gains revenge by flipping Dantomkia before going after X-Terminator and flipping them on their back. Thor gets behind Bigger Brother and begins to hammer away. Dantomkia struggles to self right but soon Thor comes forth and smashes the bottom of Dantomkia only for a glitch to send them out of the arena. Thor returns to the action and alongside X-Terminator gang up on Bigger Brother. Thor rams Bigger Brother around the arena before taking off its armour and destroying them completely.

Flipper frenzy

Bigger Brother is chucked out

Bigger Brother fought in the Weapons Match in the Flipper Frenzy against Gravity, Bulldog Breed and Eruption. All the flipperbots targeted Eruption and flipped it over. Bulldog Breed turns against Gravity and Bigger Brother by flipping the two as Eruption attempts to self right only to unintentionally flip Bulldog Breed who tried to flip Eruption. Gravity again and slammed into the corner with Bigger Brother attacking Eruption once again. Bulldog Breed flips Bigger Brother and Gravity which in turn flips Eruption over and out of the arena. Bulldog Breed flips Gravity but not over and out, it then flips Bigger Brother out of the arena. Gravity quickly self rights and chucks Bulldog Breed out.

Series 2Edit

St flipped

Suicidal Tendencies is flipped over

Bigger Brother returned in Heat A in Series 2 against returning King B Remix, Suicidal Tendencies and TMHWK. Bigger Brother targeted TMHWK, lifting it over and flipping it on its side. As Bigger Brother targeted TMHWK, King B rammed Suicidal Tendencies across the arena. Bigger Brother smashes into Suicidal Tendencies only to be bashed out the way by King B who pushes both machines as TMHWK self rights and hammers the three opponents. TMHWK is flipped over again by Bigger Brother, landing on Suicidal Tendencies who tries to take advantage but fails to do so. Bigger Brother flips TMHWK again before getting behind Suicidal Tendencies and flipping them soon it flips Suicidal Tendencies again, neither time over. As all four robots tussled, Bigger Brother is toppled over and shunted by the other three, as it self rights, Suicidal Tendencies crushes the back end of Bigger Brother. As Bigger Brother evacuates, TMHWK hits Suicidal Tendencies while King B gets underneath and lifts Suicidal Tendencies up. All the robots gang up on Bigger Brother again before they escaped, Suicidal Tendencies gets in behind and crushes TMHWK before being battered by King B. King B accidentally gets in front of the claw of Suicidal Tendencies who tries to crush it only for King B to get away before any major damage and charges into it head first. Bigger Brother meanwhile grappled with TMHWK, flipping it over and over again before eventually chucking TMHWK out for good. Bigger Brother turns its attentions to Suicidal Tendencies who is flipped and toppled, eventually counted out.

Bigger brother vs banana split

Banana Split is flipped out

In the first Head to Head it fought against Banana Split. Banana Split was flipped immediately but reacted with an aggressive hit. At one point Banana Split managed to wedge Bigger Brother's flipper open while shoving it about. Banana Split is soon slammed into the arena side wall where it is flipped again, while staying with in the arena. It accidentally presses the pit release and is flipped once more. Banana Split proceeds to thwack Bigger Brother but is flipped again and again, before eventually being chucked out.

Bigger brother vs king b

King B is chucked out

Next it fought King B again. King B rams Bigger Brother but is chucked in the air slamming back down with a force. Bigger Brother catches up to King B and flips it again with King B retaliating by slamming into Bigger Brother who attempted to turn. Bigger Brother, once again, flips King B and pins it by the arena wall. King B got one good attack on Bigger Brother by using the lifting fork to lift Bigger Brother on its back. Bigger Brother returns fire by flipping King B about before hitting the pit release only for King B to bash it about the arena. King B is flipped twice by Bigger Brother, but King B retaliates by ramming Bigger Brother into the CPZ, attacking it relentlessly, but the attacks came at a cost as it drove onto Bigger Brother's flipper allowing for Bigger Brother to chuck King B out of the arena.

Weird malice vs bigger brother

Bigger Brother is chucked out

In the last Head to Head it fought the reigning champions and seed one Weird mAlice. Weird mAlice tries to encircle Bigger Brother but the allstar machine caught on the idea and flips the reigning champion. Weird mAlice self rights but is flipped over again by Bigger Brother and slammed into the arena wall. Weird mAlice self rights but is pushed by Bigger Brother, however, Weird mAlice flips Bigger Brother and charges to the other side of the arena. Weird mAlice chucks Bigger Brother but Bigger Brother survives an self rights, flipping Weird mAlice over again. Weird mAlice self rights and attacks Bigger Brother flips it back to no result. Weird mAlice flips Bigger Brother against the side wall but failed to chuck it out, a self righting Bigger Brother was chucked out of the arena.

As King B, Bigger Brother and Weird mAlice had won two battles against one another, it had to be decided on who will be in the Heat Final. All the robots targeted one another with King B ramming Weird mAlice aggressively while Bigger Brother slowly caught on. King B rammed Weird mAlice about the arena, while Bigger Brother presses the pit release before returning to the battle. Weird mAlice began to flip King B about the arena while Bigger Brother attempted to attack the two only to be flipped over twice. Bigger Brother is then slammed by the other two into the arena side wall and is promptly chucked out by Weird mAlice.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 4