Behemoth is a Heavyweight competitor which fought in every series of Diotoir's Wacky Rumbles so far.

The real Behemoth was created by brothers Anthony and Michael Pritchard and their father Edward. The brothers competed alongside their friend, Kane Aston, for most of the robot's competitive history. Behemoth's trademark feature was a yellow and black coloured lifting scoop, used to great effect and even able to hoist robots out of the arena.

Robot History Edit

Series 1Edit

Behemoth first appear in Heat E against 900, Gabriel and Storm 2. The battle began with Storm 2 getting in from behind and ramming 900 towards the CPZ, followed by Behemoth and Gabriel. Behemoth flips 900 over onto its side and then proceeded to flip Storm 2 over while Gabriel span and hit the underbelly of Storm 2, Behemoth then flipped Storm 2 again and flipped it out of the arena. Behemoth pins 900 to the arena wall while Gabriel span on the spot and smacked Behemoth which allowed 900 and Behemoth to detach and get away. 900 used its drum to damage Gabriel's wheels slightly and damage the underbelly of Behemoth almost chucking it out of the arena. Behemoth soon got revenge and flipped 900 over shunting it to the pit release, where Gabriel who was spinning on the spot fell into. 900 attacked the backside of Behemoth damaging it more and tearing off the scoop as well ripping out one of the wheels before sending behemoth out. Despite Behemoth being taken out, Gabriel was pitted before hand and was eliminated as a result.

Apex vs behemoth

Apex is chucked out

The first Head to Head, Behemoth was against Apex. The impact from Apex's blade had caused major internal damage to Behemoth almost immediately. Apex gets a side attack on Behemoth causing some more damage, but the power of the hit made it bounce upwards where Behemoth rammed it and eventually flipped Apex over. Behemoth backs into the pit release but Apex self rights and pursues Behemoth bashing into it bashing it sideways. Behemoth mistimes a flip which allowed Apex to get its weapon into the internals causing some more heavy damage. Behemoth backs up and then flips Apex over. Apex is almost pitted by Behemoth who tries to push it into the pit but was unable to, instead flipping Apex towards the flame pit. Apex self rights and causes more damage to Behemoth but Behemoth flipped it over again, this time dangerously by the side wall. Behemoth flips Apex into the CPZ before getting into position and flipping Apex out.

Behemoth vs 900

900 topples out of the arena

Next Behemoth faced 900 again. Despite being absolutely destroyed by 900 in the melee, Behemoth, this time managed to flip the deadly drum away from it. Behemoth continued the attack, flipping 900 over and over again. Behemoth then shunted 900 to the side wall where it flipped 900 onto the angle grinder where it eventually toppled out of the arena.

Beast vs behemoth

Beast uniquely takes out Beast

Finally Behemoth faced Beast. The first ramming attack from Beast almost topples Behemoth, but it survives and goes for an attack. Beast attempts to get a good side on attack, but Behemoth flips it only for Beast to get underneath and flip Behemoth over. Behemoth recovered quickly and flipped Beast over making it skid across the arena. Beast struggled to self right as Behemoth came in and chucked it about and towards the side wall. With Beast overturned, Behemoth accidentally got on the top of the overturned Beast, Beast attempted to self right and as a result flip Behemoth out.

Beast vs behemoth vs 900

Behemoth flips 900 out

Due to each robot winning against each other there was a Heat Final playoff between Behemoth, 900 and Beast. 900 and Beast were the first to make contact, with Beast flipping 900 over, Behemoth came in from the side and assisted Beast with its attack on the deadly drum spinner. 900 used the drum to send Beast into the air causing some considerable damage, as Behemoth continued to flip 900. Both Beast and Behemoth ganged up on 900, however each time they flipped 900, its drum would slash the two machines and damage them. As they continued to flip 900, Behemoth turned against Beast, flipping it over whilst it was on top of 900. 900's movement is controlled further by the two as they push 900 to the side wall, Behemoth flips 900 and soon flips it out.

Behemoth vs beast

Behemoth gets revenge

The Heat Final began with Beast began as the strongest, getting a powerful flip on Behemoth. Beast then proceeded to flip Behemoth over and over and over again, attempting to get it out of the arena but Behemoth kept coming back. Beast soon made a fatal mistake of allowing Behemoth get a side on attack. Behemoth got revenge by flipping Beast onto its back where it was then pinned against the arena wall where Beast is then chucked out.

Tr2 vs big nipper vs behemoth

TR2 is flipped out by Behemoth as it continues to attack Big Nipper

In the first round of the Grand Final Behemoth faced Big Nipper and TR2. Big Nipper targets Behemoth getting in underneath, only for Behemoth to drive over Big Nipper and only to be flipped by TR2 as it advanced forth. Once more Big Nipper got underneath TR2 which caused it to turn allowing for Behemoth to flip TR2 over. As Big Nipper attacked the overturned TR2, Behemoth flipped both robots over again, TR2 got revenge by flipping Behemoth over and unintentionally flipping them into the pit release which Big Nipper narrowly avoids driving into. TR2 continues its assault on Behemoth until it turned its attentions, Big Nipper does drive over the flipper, while Behemoth came back into the action. Big Nipper is flipped over by TR2 but Big Nipper circles around and lifts TR2 up with Behemoth flipping it on its side. As TR2 laid unable to move on its side, Behemoth was rammed by Big Nipper, before Big Nipper attacked TR2 with behemoth chasing after. Behemoth then flipped TR2 and Big Nipper, with TR2 being knocked out.

Behemoth vs weird malice

Behemoth is chucked OOtA

First Behemoth faced eventual champion Weird mAlice. Weird mAlice darted rapidly across the arena, only for Behemoth to flip it over but not completely, Weird mAlice followed up the attack by chucking Behemoth across the arena. Behemoth, eventually got Weird mAlice trapped and flipped it over. Weird mAlice self righted but was flipped some more by Behemoth who almost sent Weird mAlice out. Weird mAlice recovered and got away where it got revenge by sending Behemoth flying around the arena. Weird mAlice got Behemoth into a CPZ where it finally managed to trap Behemoth before chucking behemoth out of the arena.

Tsunami vs behemoth

Tsunami is flipped out

Next Behemoth fought Tsunami. Tsunami darts across the arena to attack Behemoth but misses and slams into the arena wall. Having trouble moving, Tsunami backs away but is trapped by Behemoth who proceeds to flip Tsunami out in the quickest battle of Series 1.

Behemoth vs bignipper

Big Nipper pits Behemoth

Finally Behemoth fought Big Nipper again. Behemoth started as the strongest flipping Big Nipper over. Behemoth proceeded to chuck Big Nipper around the arena and almost out on a few occasions. Behemoth accidentally mistimed its flip allowing for Big Nipper to have its claw wedged behind the scoop bucket. Now in its clutches, Big Nipper controlled Behemoth's movements and slammed it from side to the other with the mighty claws. Behemoth managed to shunt Big Nipper into the pit release, prompting Big Nipper to drive Behemoth towards the pit, but Behemoth also drove away. As the two tussled some more, Big Nipper managed to move Behemoth around the arena and eventually pitted Behemoth.

Extreme 1Edit

Behemoth vs sucidial tendencies vs stinger

Suicidal Tendencies is chucked out

Behemoth, due to its popularity and fame, fought in the Allstars, in round one it faced Hypno-Disc, Stinger and Suicidal Tendencies. Behemoth darted straight into Stinger, bulldozing them around with Stinger spinning on the spot. Meanwhile Hypno-Disc smashes into the front of Suicidal Tendencies attempting to snap off the scoop or even the claw. Behemoth leaves Stinger behind and flips Hypno-Disc over before flipping Suicidal Tendencies over and almost out of the arena. Hypno-Disc attacks Behemoth again but is flipped again. Behemoth flips Stinger who stabs Behemoth with the as Suicidal Tendencies attempts to corner Behemoth but is flipped over and out for good. Hypno-Disc self rights and slashes Behemoth, damaging its drive as well hitting Stinger's wheel. After another attack, Behemoth flips Hypno-Disc on its back and then proceeds to flip them out.

Behemoth vs thor

Thor and Behemoth loses their weapons

First it fought Thor Thor smashes into Behemoth after going around in circles to get a good area for an attack. Thor get underneath and smashes down with the axe, damaging the insides only after Behemoth mistimed a flip. Thor rams Behemoth into the CPZ before reversing backwards, being pursuded by Behemoth who ends up flipping them over. Behemoth foolishly flips Thor back over again allowing Thor to hammer away once more but as a result both Thor and Behemoth lost their weapons. Thor is flipped once again but self rights and charges towards the scoopless Behemoth and rams it into the side wall. Behemoth is pressurized into the CPZ and shunted around the arena by Thor before eventually becoming immobilised.

Behemoth vs x-terminator

X-Terminator is flipped out

Next it fought X-Terminator. The two machines smash into each other with Behemoth getting the upper hand almost immediately and ends up flipping them while X-Terminator flails its axe. Behemoth chucks X-Terminator across the arena before very quickly flipping X-Terminator out of the arena.

Stinger vs behemoth

Stinger is disposed of

Next it fought Stinger again. Upon impact, Stinger was deflected away in a spectacular fashion by the power of Behemoth's scoop. Behemoth attempts to flip Stinger but its tricky design and weaponry caused problems. Stinger spun on the spot trying to damage Behemoth but Behemoth flips Stinger around before reversing into the pit release. Stinger pins Behemoth against the side wall, hitting it some more before being flipped again. Behemoth then proceeds to bulldoze Stinger around, brutally flipping them here and there before eventually flipping them out once and for all.

Thor vs behemoth

Thor becomes the allstar champion

In the final it fought Thor again. As the two charged they immediately fired their weapons causing the two robots be unable to gain an upperhand. Thor, however, manages to get underneath Behemoth and begins to damage the underbelly as well as the scoop, ramming it about. Behemoth attempts to escape with Thor chasing and damaging it more using the powerful axe. Thor slams Behemoth against the side wall and axes away at the vulnerable underbelly. Thor's aggression causes Behemoth's scoop to come off and as the attacks continued Thor managed to lift Behemoth up and out of the arena.

Series 2Edit

Apex vs behemoth vs bonk vs brutus

Apex and Brutus are flipped by Behemoth

In the Second Series it was seeded 3rd and faced Apex again, Brutus and Bonk!. Bonk! quickly turned and attacked Brutus, hammering away at it while Apex span its weapon and targeted the third seeds only to be flipped over by the powerful scoop. Apex struggled to self right, using the spinning bar to help itself, mean while Bonk! and Brutus were flipped by the floor flipper. Brutus manages to get underneath Bonk! and proceeds to ram it about while Behemoth continues to assault Apex, and unintentionally flipping it back over again. Apex reverses and hits one of the back wheels of Brutus before attacking Behemoth all while Bonk! axes Apex for this attack. Brutus pins Bonk! by the arena wall while the third seeds, Behemoth, is heavily damaged by the spinning bar of Apex. As Apex continued its assault on Behemoth, Brutus slams into Apex almost toppling it. Behemoth manages to flip Brutus and Apex, both at the same time over. Bonk! tries to capitalize on the flipped Apex only for Behemoth to flip Bonk! up and over the upside down Apex, while Brutus continued to ram Bonk! and Behemoth. Brutus itself is chucked by Behemoth while Apex flipped itself over again, only for it to be thrown by Behemoth, however the spinning bar did manage to destroy Bonk!'s hammer. Bonk! is bullied about by the other three robots who all attack one another. Apex is once again flipped again by Behemoth. Brutus begins an onslaught on the upside down Apex but is soon flipped by Behemoth. Bonk! and Behemoth corner Apex and Brutus slamming the two and using the weapons to damage them. Apex manages to escape and despite control problems began to slam into Behemoth and Brutus damaging the two, in particular Behemoth who lost a part of the roll over bars and began to smoke. Bonk! attempts to attack Brutus but is whacked out of the way by Apex and flipped by the damaged Behemoth. As the battle drew to a close all robots were still active and all heavily damaged. Behemoth won on all accounts while Apex who on damage and aggression meaning Bonk! and Brutus was eliminated.

Meggamouse vs behemoth

Behemoth is chucked out

Behemoth faced Meggamouse. Meggamouse spins past Behemoth before flipping them over. Behemoth quickly tries to self right but is rolled over by Meggamouse. Behemoth manages to get back on its wheels but the quick Meggamouse gets behind Behemoth and proceeded to chuck the third seeds out.

Apex vs behemoth s2

Apex gets revenge

It then faced Apex for the third time. Apex got up to speed while Behemoth came ramming towards Apex and caused Apex to fly away from the impact. Behemoth attempts to flip Apex but fails to topple it, Apex returns fire by battering the front and when Behemoth misfired, Apex took advantage and began an assault on the insides. Eventually Behemoth gets away and returns to fight chucking Apex in the air and finally toppling it. Apex manages to self right and fights back. Behemoth and Apex fight one another with neither gaining an upper hand. Behemoth misfires a flip again and once again gets assaulted by Apex who damages the insides. Behemoth evacuates, while also getting hit a few times, and manages to flip Apex over. Apex is almost pushed into the pit but it self rights and charges at Behemoth before finally pitting them.

Smidsy vs behemoth

S.M.I.D.S.Y. is almost chucked out

Finally it faced S.M.I.D.S.Y. Behemoth violently charges and flips S.M.I.D.S.Y. over. As S.M.I.D.S.Y. tries to get away it is flipped and rolled about the arena before being flipped incredibly high and almost out of the arena. S.M.I.D.S.Y. tries to get away but is pursued by Behemoth who continues to assault and flip S.M.I.D.S.Y. some more. S.M.I.D.S.Y. tries to face Behemoth one on one using the wedge to stop Behemoth from flipping them, it worked for a while but Behemoth managed to exploit the wedge and flips S.M.I.D.S.Y. out.

Extreme 2 Edit

Ctf battle 2

The Bullock is flipped while the other competitors charge at Matilda

Behemoth took part in the Capture the Flag event against Chaos 2, The Bullock, Terrorhurtz, Robotica, The Axe Master. Chaos 2 charges into position and chucks Robotica over but reveres quickly, knocking them back over, while Behemoth lifts Terrorhurtz and The Axe Master runs away from the main battle. The Bullock slowly turns as Chaos 2 gets around the side and flips it over, meanwhile the rest of the competitors chase the flag into Matilda's CPZ and almost topples her. The robots are intercepted by Chaos 2 who flips Robotica and The Axe Master over and over again before finally throwing Robotica over.

Ctf battle 2 2

Chaos 2 loses its flipper and the remaining robots clash in the CPZ

The robots clash into the CPZ where Chaos 2 loses its flipper. Behemoth flips Chaos 2 and almost throws them out but Chaos 2 survives, meanwhile Terrorhurts uses its axe to topple The Axe Master over and onto it back. Behemoth, Chaos 2 and Terrorhurtz all briefly capture the flag but all lose it very quickly to one another as the battle gets more violent.

Ctf battle 2 3

Chaos 2 holds the flag as Terrorhurtz chases them while Behemoth loses control

The heavily damaged Chaos 2 captures the flag and runs away with it, as Terrorhurtz follows suit. Behemoth starts to lose control and rampages through, charging into the side wall, almost unable to move. Chaos 2 circles around the pit as Terrorhurtz continues to chase it, but the pit begins to depress, causing Chaos 2 to slam into the uncontrollable Behemoth, losing the flag to it but soon the flag is smashed out of reach by Terrorhurtz who ends up being shunted by Chaos 2 and toppled on it back, where it was unable to self right. As Behemoth was uncontrollable and Terrorhurtz was immobile, Chaos 2 won the event.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 11
  • Losses: 9