Beast was the name given to a series of heavyweight robots which entered Series 1 and 2, the robot was spelt 8645T in the style of a number-plate. The team claimed that squinting at this spelling made it look like the word "Beast". Beast was successful, becoming a Heat Finalist in the first Series and the Series 2 Champion.

Robot History Edit

Series 1Edit

Beast 1

Beast's first ever battle was against Chompalot, Stinger and Apex. All the robots met in the middle with the first attack coming from Apex who sent Chompalot sinning away from the impact. Stinger spun wildly as Beast attempted to flip Chompalot only for Chompalot to crush down onto the flipper, Apex then came in from behind and smacked Beast spinning away. Beast finally manages to achieve a flip, by flipping Chompalot over before chucking it around the arena, meanwhile Apex's power thwacks Stinger across the arena. Beast attempts to flip Apex but over turns itself while Stinger charged and stabbed Apex as it was crushed Chompalot, Apex however, gets away and bashes the backend of Beast and hits Stinger in the process. Beast flips Chompalot again and is attacked by Apex again battering it with the spinning bar with Stinger and Chompalot getting caught up, Apex proceeded to attack Beast and sent it bashing into the side wall and almost knocking them out of the arena. Apex dashes and presses the pit release button with the chaos of the other three joining up with Apex. As Apex came in for more attacks, Chompalot got a grasp hold onto Apex and began to crush, controlling its movements. Apex returns and attacks Stinger and Beast, with Stinger attempting to jab Beast. Beast become severely damaged where it lost its bottom panel, meanwhile Chompalot attempted to get hold of Apex again. Stinger span on the spot hitting Beast with the flail as much as it could before Apex came back in and dashed Stinger away. Chompalot soon attacked the dazzled Stinger, getting its claw around the mace area and pitting it, only to fall in itself.

900 vs beast

Beast is torn to pieces

Beast first fought 900. Both robots clashed, with Beast managing to flip 900 over before flipping it in the air again. Beast then flipped and pushed 900 towards the side wall where it flipped it again, however Beast over flipped allowing for 900 to get its drum underneath. 900's drum managed to chuck Beast in the air after each impact. Beast eventually lost its bottom panel as well as some of the armour. Beast attempted to fight back but 900 was too powerful and tore off one of the wheels. The battered Beast was finally put to sleep upon a final bash from 900.

Apex vs beast

Beast throws Apex out

Next they fought Apex again. Beast got the first flip on Apex chucking it over. Apex's blade managed to keep the robot from completely going over and as a result come back in for more attacks. Beast attempted to flip a third time, but misfired, allowing for Apex to bash into Beast's side. Despite this, Beast turns and flips Apex over again. Briefly getting stuck on the arena floor, Beast accidentally allowed Apex to self right and get the bar up to speed which was used to hit Beast as it closed in. Beast once again flipped Apex over and proceeded to ram the overthrown Apex before chucking them out.

Beast vs behemoth

Beast uniquely takes out Beast

Beast then fought Behemoth. The first ramming attack from Beast almost topples Behemoth, but it survives and goes for an attack. Beast attempts to get a good side on attack, but Behemoth flips it only for Beast to get underneath and flip Behemoth over. Behemoth recovered quickly and flipped Beast over making it skid across the arena. Beast struggled to self right as Behemoth came in and chucked it about and towards the side wall. With Beast overturned, Behemoth accidentally got on the top of the overturned Beast, Beast attempted to self right and as a result flip Behemoth out.

Beast won two battles but so did 900 and Behemoth, therefore a playoff was played. 900 and Beast were the first to make contact, with Beast flipping 900 over, Behemoth came in from the side and assisted Beast with its attack on the deadly drum spinner. 900 used the drum to send Beast into the air causing some considerable damage, as Behemoth continued to flip 900. Both Beast and Behemoth ganged up on 900, however each time they flipped 900, its drum would slash the two machines and damage them. As they continued to flip 900, Behemoth turned against Beast, flipping it over whilst it was on top of 900. 900's movement is controlled further by the two as they push 900 to the side wall, Behemoth flips 900 and soon flips it out.

Behemoth vs beast

Behemoth gets revenge

Beast began as the strongest, getting a powerful flip on Behemoth. Beast then proceeded to flip Behemoth over and over and over again, attempting to get it out of the arena but Behemoth kept coming back. Beast soon made a fatal mistake of allowing Behemoth get a side on attack. Behemoth got revenge by flipping Beast onto its back where it was then pinned against the arena wall where Beast is then chucked out.

Series 2Edit

Ic vs beast

I.C. is chucked out

Beast returned, seeded 8, against Gabriel, I.C. and Splinter. In the battle, I.C. started off by attacking Splinter who in turn axed it while Gabriel attempts to swing into the two as Beast fails to flip the two over. However, Beast soon flipped the two which caused I.C. to spasm about due to the drum hitting the arena floor and Splinter to bounce twice. Beast targets Gabriel and flips it but it lands on its wheels and is unharmed. As the robots avoid one another, Splinter is flipped over again by Beast Beast flipped I.C. again which made the spasms worse as I.C. now lost control and was driving into the arena wall. Beast eventually flipped I.C. out of the arena, eliminating it. Splinter and Gabriel slam into Beast but Beast retaliated and flips Splinter over before targeting Gabriel. Gabriel gets away and spins on the spot hitting the upside down Splinter. Beast also targets Splinter flipping it across the arena and eventually out of the arena but upon doing so Gabriel had accidentally got its sword stuck through Beast.

Beast vs lucid dream

Lucid Dream is flipped out

Beast then fought Lucid Dream. Beast quickly got underneath Lucid Dream and flips it high. Lucid Dream uses its flywheel to cause some extra damage to Beast bashing it towards the floor flipper where Beast is flipped by the floor flipper. Lucid Dream hits Beast from behind again but soon the powerful flipper chucks Lucid Dream against the arena wall, before flipping it again and again and eventually chucking Lucid Dread from the CPZ out of the arena.

Kapow vs beast

Ka-Pow! is flipped out

Next Ka-Pow! fought Beast. As the two flippers smash into each other, Ka-Pow! managed to flip beast over and attempts to ram it against the arena wall where Ka-Pow! tries to thrown Beast out but the flip fails to commit to this. Ka-Pow! attacks Beast once more but it quickly self rights where Beast then flips Ka-Pow! sky high landing back on Beast's flipper before flipping Ka-Pow! about. Ka-Pow! tries to get away but Beast follows suit. Beast throws Ka-Pow! around and eventually pins Ka-Pow! against the side wall. Beast reveres and finally flips Ka-Pow! out.

Beast vs gabriel

Gabriel is flipped out

Finally they fought Gabriel again. Beast attempts to flip Gabriel but was unable to as Gabriel spun on the spot. Beast continued to misfire wile Gabriel continued to spin. Beast flips Gabriel after more failed attempts and presses the pit release button before chucking Gabriel into the arena wall. Gabriel gets away and spins on the spot while Beast flips Gabriel, though not having any effect. Beast pushes and controls Gabriel by the side wall where Beast finally flips Gabriel up and out of the arena.

Beast flips ka-pow

Beast wins the Heat

Beast fought Ka-Pow! in the Heat Final. The two flippers smash into each other as Beast flips Ka-Pow! over, but Ka-Pow! self right bouncing over Beast. Upon self righting, Beast flips Ka-Pow! over again and again, preventing Ka-Pow! from retaliating. Beast Bullies Ka-Pow! around the CPZ almost chucking it out on two occasions before continuing the assault. After chucking Ka-Pow! over again Beast pushing them only to be flipped by the floor flipper. Ka-Pow! self rights and takes advantage on the upside down Beast flipping it but just like Beast before it the floor flipper throws Ka-Pow! over. Beast flips Ka-Pow! some more, causing Ka-Pow! to smoke from the heavy damage. Beast gets underneath speeds ahead and flips Ka-Pow! out of the arena.

Beast vs weird m

Beast throws Weird mAlice out

Beast first fought the reigning champions Weird mAlice, veterans Storm 2 and newcomers Barber-Ous. The finalists spin towards the centre with the reigning champions flipping Storm 2 up and over only to be flipped over by Beast from behind. Storm 2 rams Beast into the CPZ, while Weird mAlice attempts to flip Barber-Ous but the drum spinner was unaffected. Beast is lifted by Storm 2 who attempts to self right. Barber-Ous is thrown upwards by Weird mAlice who turns and charges into Beast attempting to throw it out. Barber-Ous is flipped again by Weird mAlice and stands on the wheel. Storm 2 charges towards Beast but is flipped once again. Weird mAlice charges in and flips Barber-Ous but before it could Beast flips the reigning champions as Storm 2 manages to land back to Earth. As soon as Storm 2 landed, it rams Weird mAlice but the attacks were in vein as Weird mAlice flips Storm 2 and almost chucks it out of the arena. Beast bulldozes Weird mAlice around, while Storm 2 is battered heavily by Barber-Ous. Beast chases Weird mAlice before flipping them from almost half way across the arena and out of the arena.

Beast vs barberous vs storm 2

Barber-Ous damages the two robots

Beast flips Storm 2 but becomes wedged on top of it. Barber-Ous smashes into the two robots causing some heavy damage to the two. For the remainder of the battle the three robots dawdle about, with Barber-Ous being the most damaging and aggressive. Storm 2 attempts to ram Beast about the arena but the rambot is chased by the drum spinner of Barber-Ous. After a long tedious second half of the battle, it went to a judges decision with Beast automatically going through as it defeated the reigning champions while Barber-Ous went through on damage.

Beast vs meggamouse

Meggamouse is thrown out

Beast first fought Meggamouse. The two flippers clash with Meggamouse flipping Beast over, it self rights as Meggamouse rams it from behind. Meggamouse flips Beast again, but the powerful flipper of Beast came back around and throws Meggamouse upwards. Beast controls the movements of Meggamouse, flipping it once where it tilts side wards allowing Beast to ram and push Meggamouse into the CPZ where it chucks Meggamouse out of the arena.

Big nipper vs beast

Big Nipper grabs hold of Beast's flipper

Beast then fought former runners up Big Nipper. Big Nipper rams Beast and skids over the flipper, Beast follows foot but misfires its flip. Big Nipper runs on top of Beast but is immediately flipped. Beast is lifted onto its back where Big Nipper attempts to take advantage but Beast lowers and proceeds to flip Big Nipper. Beast flips Big Nipper twice again before the claws grab hold and crush the flipper, causing it to stand up right. Big Nipper, in an awkward angle, shoves Beast around before slamming it into the CPZ where it is flipped over but not out, instead getting underneath and lifting Beast upwards. Big Nipper backs away from pinning Beast against the side wall where Beast came back for vengeance and flips Big Nipper over a few times before throwing them out completely.

Barberous vs beast

Beast throws Barber-Ous out

Beast then fought Barber-Ous again. In very quick fashion, Barber-Ous smashes into Beast but is flipped. beast then flips it across the arena wall before chucking Barber-Ous out once and for all.

Beast vs big nipper

Beast becomes champions

In the Grand Final itself, Beast fought big Nipper again. Big Nipper smashes into the side of Beast but Beast slowly edged around Big Nipper and flips it. Big Nipper smashes Beast but is wedged and flipped the clawed machine. The two circle one another, with Beast gaining the upper hand by flipping Big Nipper over and over again. Big Nipper tries to grab and damage Beast but Beast was too quick and continues its assault by flipping the invertable machine. Beast reveres against Big Nipper but is attacked from behind and rammed Beast into the CPZ almost sending it out. Big Nipper chases after Beast attempting to damage the back of it, but Beast retaliates and flips Big Nipper a few times but Big Nipper comes back for more. After flipping Big Nipper into the pit release, Beast attacks Big Nipper almost flipping it into the pit. Beast flips Big Nipper more and more, heavily damaging it before delivering a final blow, killing Big Nipper and becoming champions.

Extreme 2Edit

Big nipper vs thor vs beast

Big Nipper and Thor pin Beast

Big nipper vs thor vs beast vs weird malice

Big Nipper is thrown out alongside Weird mAlice

Beast fought in the allstars against Thor, Big Nipper and Weird mAlice. Big Nipper swerves around behind Beast and rams it while Weird mAlice gets behind Thor and flips it. Weird mAlice drives over the floor flipper, but as a result is flipped by the floor flipper and sent out of the arena. Big Nipper hold Beast upwards allowing for Thor to come in from behind and smash away at the back. Big Nipper hold Beast and bashes it into the side wall and pit release, Thor comes in and axes the two machines as they were locked together. Eventually all three robots break apart but Beast quickly flips Big Nipper sending it flying. Beast continues to flip Big Nipper while Thor smashes the top of them. Big Nipper tries to push Beast while hitting it with its claw but Beast manages to move around and flip Big Nipper out of the arena.

Beast vs behemoth allstars2

Behemoth pins Beast down

Beast then fought Behemoth in the second round. Beast charges and flips Behemoth over before flipping them over again where it rolls back over only to be ambushed and thrown about into the CPZ. Beast continues its attacks but finds itself caught by the arena spikes that throws it upwards ready for Behemoth to attack quickly. Behemoth pushes against beast, struggling as it does so successfully as it eventually flips Beast over, across the arena. Behemoth chucks Beast away before driving on top of the floor flipper, getting flipped as a result. Beast self rights, as does Behemoth, both robots charging towards each other with beast getting the first flip, but Behemoth rolled over and quick intercepted Beast as it was upright allowing Behemoth to flip it. As Beast lands back down the front spike ends up being wedged in Behemoth's scoop, this allowed for Behemoth to bulldoze Beast around the arena flipping it almost out of the arena, it then pins Beast to the ground as it struggles to self right.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 15
  • Losses: 3