Apex was a heavyweight robot built by Team Terrafonics, which competed in Series 1 and 2 of Diotoir's Wacky Rumbles.

Apex was the distant successor to TX-108 and was originally built with a similar hydraulic crushing claw under the name TX-109.

Robot History Edit

Series 1Edit

Apex 1

Apex as it appeared in Series 1

In its first appearance it fought Beast, Chompalot and Stinger. All the robots met in the middle with the first attack coming from Apex who sent Chompalot sinning away from the impact. Stinger spun wildly as Beast attempted to flip Chompalot only for Chompalot to crush down onto the flipper, Apex then came in from behind and smacked Beast spinning away. Beast finally manages to achieve a flip, by flipping Chompalot over before chucking it around the arena, meanwhile Apex's power thwacks Stinger across the arena. Beast attempts to flip Apex but over turns itself while Stinger charged and stabbed Apex as it was crushed Chompalot, Apex however, gets away and bashes the backend of Beast and hits Stinger in the process. Beast flips Chompalot again and is attacked by Apex again battering it with the spinning bar with Stinger and Chompalot getting caught up, Apex proceeded to attack Beast and sent it bashing into the side wall and almost knocking them out of the arena. Apex dashes and presses the pit release button with the chaos of the other three joining up with Apex. As Apex came in for more attacks, Chompalot got a grasp hold onto Apex and began to crush, controlling its movements. Apex returns and attacks Stinger and Beast, with Stinger attempting to jab Beast. Beast become severely damaged where it lost its bottom panel, meanwhile Chompalot attempted to get hold of Apex again. Stinger span on the spot hitting Beast with the flail as much as it could before Apex came back in and dashed Stinger away. Chompalot soon attacked the dazzled Stinger, getting its claw around the mace area and pitting it, only to fall in itself.

Apex vs behemoth

Apex is chucked out

First Apex fought Behemoth. The impact from Apex's blade had caused major internal damage to Behemoth almost immediately. Apex gets a side attack on Behemoth causing some more damage, but the power of the hit made it bounce upwards where Behemoth rammed it and eventually flipped Apex over. Behemoth backs into the pit release but Apex self rights and pursues Behemoth bashing into it bashing it sideways. Behemoth mistimes a flip which allowed Apex to get its weapon into the internals causing some more heavy damage. Behemoth backs up and then flips Apex over. Apex is almost pitted by Behemoth who tries to push it into the pit but was unable to, instead flipping Apex towards the flame pit. Apex self rights and causes more damage to Behemoth but Behemoth flipped it over again, this time dangerously by the side wall. Behemoth flips Apex into the CPZ before getting into position and flipping Apex out.

Apex vs beast

Beast throws Apex out

Next Apex fought Beast again. Beast got the first flip on Apex chucking it over. Apex's blade managed to keep the robot from completely going over and as a result come back in for more attacks. Beast attempted to flip a third time, but misfired, allowing for Apex to bash into Beast's side. Despite this, Beast turns and flips Apex over again. Briefly getting stuck on the arena floor, Beast accidentally allowed Apex to self right and get the bar up to speed which was used to hit Beast as it closed in. Beast once again flipped Apex over and proceeded to ram the overthrown Apex before chucking them out.

Apex vs 900

900 gets an OOtA

Lastly Apex fought 900. The two robots slam into each other which sends both robots jolting away from each other. As both robots slowly turned towards each other with 900 getting the hit from behind on Apex, before hitting some more. As Apex attempted to escape, 900 chases and batters it some more, destroying the front plate and chucking Apex into the air rolling it over before bashing Apex out of the arena with the force of the drum.

Extreme 1Edit

Apex vs bonk

Apex begins to smoke while Bonk! hammers away

A new Apex appeared as a challenger for the Challenge Belt against Bonk!. Bonk! charges at Apex but is deflected away by the powerful spinning bar. Bonk! turns and axes away at the top of Apex, stopping the spinning bar and being pushes Apex about. Apex retaliates but shunting Bonk! across the arena. Apex reverses but is immediately attacked by Bonk! who axes the top of Apex causing Apex to smoke. Despite the damage, Apex managed to snap off Bonk!'s axe during the battle. Apex manages to get its weapon up to speed again and batters Bonk! and even throws it over at one point. Bonk! returned and rammed as well as hammered Apex, but Apex pushed back and slammed Bonk! into the pit release button. The two shunt one another, but the damage Apex suffered earlier in the battle meant that Bonk! had the better pushing power, pushing Apex across the arena and around the pit before eventually pitting them.

Series 2Edit

Apex vs behemoth vs bonk vs brutus

Apex and Brutus are flipped by Behemoth

A new and improved Apex returned for Series 2 and was against 3rd seeds Behemoth again, challenge belt winner Bonk! and newcomers Brutus. Apex span its weapon and targeted the third seeds only to be flipped over by the powerful scoop. Apex struggled to self right, using the spinning bar to help itself, mean while Bonk! and Brutus were flipped by the floor flipper. Brutus manages to get underneath Bonk! and proceeds to ram it about while Behemoth continues to assault Apex, and unintentionally flipping it back over again. Apex reverses and hits one of the back wheels of Brutus before attacking Behemoth all while Bonk! axes Apex for this attack. Brutus pins Bonk! by the arena wall while the third seeds, Behemoth, is heavily damaged by the spinning bar of Apex. As Apex continued its assault on Behemoth, Brutus slams into Apex almost toppling it. Behemoth manages to flip Brutus and Apex, both at the same time over. Bonk! tries to capitalize on the flipped Apex only for Behemoth to flip Bonk! up and over the upside down Apex, while Brutus continued to ram Bonk! and Behemoth. Brutus itself is chucked by Behemoth while Apex flipped itself over again, only for it to be thrown by Behemoth, however the spinning bar did manage to destroy Bonk!'s hammer. Bonk! is bullied about by the other three robots who all attack one another. Apex is once again flipped again by Behemoth. Brutus begins an onslaught on the upside down Apex but is soon flipped by Behemoth. Bonk! and Behemoth corner Apex and Brutus slamming the two and using the weapons to damage them. Apex manages to escape and despite control problems began to slam into Behemoth and Brutus damaging the two, in particular Behemoth who lost a part of the roll over bars and began to smoke. Bonk! attempts to attack Brutus but is whacked out of the way by Apex and flipped by the damaged Behemoth. As the battle drew to a close all robots were still active and all heavily damaged. Behemoth won on all accounts while Apex who on damage and aggression meaning Bonk! and Brutus was eliminated.

Apex vs smidsy

Apex is bashed out of the arena

First Apex fought S.M.I.D.S.Y. Apex span around with the bar spinning quickly only for S.M.I.D.S.Y. to get underneath and ram Apex. S.M.I.D.S.Y. drives towards the arena wall only for Apex to slip off and batter the side of S.M.I.D.S.Y., however, S.M.I.D.S.Y. is consistent in its attacks and continued to ram Apex. Apex continues to attack S.M.I.D.S.Y. but the attacks are in vain as S.M.I.D.S.Y. continues to ram it, even causing Apex to jolt and flip about some of the times. Apex reverses and presses the pit release but upon being attacked by S.M.I.D.S.Y. it is sent toppling about from the powerful impacts. S.M.I.D.S.Y. continues to ram Apex about while Apex's weapon merely scratches the front scoop of S.M.I.D.S.Y. but S.M.I.D.S.Y.'s attacks allowed for it to get into position and ram Apex against the side wall sending it out of the arena.

Apex vs behemoth s2

Apex gets revenge

Apex fought Behemoth for the third time. Apex got up to speed while Behemoth came ramming towards Apex and caused Apex to fly away from the impact. Behemoth attempts to flip Apex but fails to topple it, Apex returns fire by battering the front and when Behemoth misfired, Apex took advantage and began an assault on the insides. Eventually Behemoth gets away and returns to fight chucking Apex in the air and finally toppling it. Apex manages to self right and fights back. Behemoth and Apex fight one another with neither gaining an upper hand. Behemoth misfires a flip again and once again gets assaulted by Apex who damages the insides. Behemoth evacuates, while also getting hit a few times, and manages to flip Apex over. Apex is almost pushed into the pit but it self rights and charges at Behemoth before finally pitting them.

Meggamouse vs apex

Apex tips Meggamouse on its side

Finally Apex fought Meggamouse. Meggamouse charges into Apex knocking it slightly. Apex aggressively smacks into Meggamouse battering its side. Apex continuously attacks Meggamouse but spins away upon each impact, eventually, Meggamouse retaliates and flips Apex up. Meggamouse goes on the attack and chucks Apex on its back, however Apex was able to attack despite being upside down damaging the bottom of Meggamouse. Apex self rights and continues its assault on Meggamouse, but Apex is chucked about some more. Apex is almost chucked out of the arena but it survives. Apex, upside down again, spins and damages Meggamouse all while self righting and battling Meggamouse with the powerful bar. Two very powerful hits send Meggamouse onto its back and side, forcing it to self right. Meggamouse takes heavy damage but manages to get revenge by flipping Apex over a few time, the deadly bar spinner came back and up to speed again. Meggamouse flips Apex over again, but as before it still caused damage and eventually self righted before targeting Meggamouse again, this time hitting it into a side wall and pinning them briefly. Meggamouse flips Apex again and continues to flip Apex over and over again across the arena, bullying it into the CPZ and by the side walls. Apex eventually escapes and bashes Meggamouse onto its side damaging it some more before Meggamouse repeats its attack by flipping Apex over. In the closing minute Apex damages Meggamouse through the the powerful spinner while Meggamouse just in the last ten seconds flips Apex. It goes to a judges decision and Apex is rewarded the victory.

Apex vs meggamouse

Apex is immobilised

In the Heat final Apex fought Meggamouse again. The two machines smash into one another, with Apex and Meggamouse driving on top of the floor flipper where they are both flipped by it. Meggamouse rams Apex and flips it over. Apex tries to attack Meggamouse but the mechanical rodent flips and smashes Apex into the side wall where Apex became immobilized from the hit sending Meggamouse through to the Grand Final.

Extreme 2Edit

Apex olle matilda storm 2 rebellion

Matilda is toppled as Apex damages Oll-E

As a result of losing, both Matilda and Oll-E took part in the rebellion against Apex and Storm 2. Storm 2 instantly charges into Matilda while Apex spun up to speed and knocks into Oll-E, wildly spinning upwards upon impact. Oll-E pushes Apex as Storm 2 rams Matilda towards the side wall where she it toppled onto her side. Oll-E loses all mobility on one side while as Storm 2 leaves Matilda to be counted out. Storm 2 gets underneath Oll-E and rams it towards the side wall as Apex spins up to speed, only to drive into the pit release button. Storm 2 holds Oll-E on top of it as Apex spins into the House Robot sending it flying, Storm 2 smashes into Oll-E while Apex destroys any mobility. Eventually, the two competitors pin Oll-E where it had become immobile.

Results Edit

Series 1
Series 1 - Championship
Heat, Round 2
Round 1 vs. Stinger vs Beast vs Chompalot Qualified
Round 2, battle 1 vs. Behemoth Lost
Round 2, battle 2 vs. Beast Lost
Round 2, battle 3 vs. 900 Lost
Extreme 1
Challenge Belt
Challenge Belt vs. Bonk! Lost
Series 2
Series 2 - Championship
Heat Final
Round 1 vs. Behemoth (3) vs Bonk! vs Brutus Won
Round 2, battle 1 vs. S.M.I.D.S.Y. Lost
Round 2, battle 2 vs. Behemoth Won
Round 2, battle 3 vs. Meggamouse Won
Heat final vs. Meggamouse Lost
Extreme 2
House Robots Rebellion
with Storm 2
Matilda & Oll-E vs. Won {{{3}}}

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 6